What movie have you seen recently?



Due to an unexpected overnight stop in Dublin, I went to the cinema twice in two days.

Mission Impossible Fallout is really good. The story is garbage, of course, at about the same level as the other Mission Impossible movies, but the action is literally the best I’ve seen in years. Not just Tom Cruise, but the other actors and stunt performers are all going all-out in making this super exciting.

The fight scene in the toilet is one of the most wince-inducing experiences in recent movie watching history, and in a really good way. The car chases in Paris actually feel dangerous. The end sequence gets a bit silly, but you really feel it. All way more brutal than previous MI movies.

This series has become my favourite franchise, as I think I’ve stated in past, way above Star Wars. I think a lot of that is because they spend three or four years on one thing, not getting distracted with TV shows or spinoffs, or changing the formula or merchandising or theme parks or anything like that. Just put the camera on Tom Cruise running, or jumping, or, in this case, Henry Cavill hitting someone in the face with a laptop, and I’ll eat my popcorn and come back for more any time.