What movie have you seen recently?

Green Room: 2015 horror (maybe more of a thriller?) about a punk band discovering they have been booked to play a show at a neo-Nazi bar in a rural compound, and then having to fight their way out when shit inevitably hits the fan. Almost mixes horror and '70s-style revenge exploitation flick. Really tight movie, extremely enjoyable.

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Lots of people recommending The Green Room both on the forum and outside.

Some descriptions of the acting have stated that Anton Yelchin’s performance was great. I’ve added it to my watch list, seems to be available on Netflix in the UK and Canada if people want to VPN to watch it.

Yelchin is spectacular in Green Room. It’s hard to put my finger on any specific scene where things really stand out, because the acting is so electric all the way through.

The terrible editing in Suicide Squad:


Also corrections and comment responses to the above video.

Just got back from Rogue One.

Complaint: soundtrack did not sound like a Star Wars movie.

Compliment: the droid… Best New Star Wars character ever.

[quote=“hmtksteve, post:25, topic:73”]
Compliment: the droid… Best New Star Wars character ever.
[/quote]Sassbot was fantastic.

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Sass3-PO is the best new character.

I have now seen a second movie mentioned in the Razzies.

Suicide Squad is a complete mess. It has some enjoyable moments, but it’s overwhelmingly problematic in so many ways.

The music choices were painfully on the nose, even more so than the movie “Flight” and worse because the movie was otherwise so bad.

The Joker seemed to have been added to the movie after the rest of it was written, because he doesn’t interact with the rest of the cast or story or… what was going on there?

Anyway, not good. But it killed two hours on a 12 hour flight.

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I love Netflix offline movie watching!

Jackie Brown, I’d not seen for years, but may be the best Tarantino movie.

[quote=“lukeburrage, post:29, topic:73”]
Jackie Brown, I’d not seen for years, but may be the best Tarantino movie.
[/quote]I haven’t seen it since it was new. I do remember it being crazy good. Why is it not remembered well?

How do you think it’s not remembered well, ask anyone over the age of like 20 what the best Tarantino film is. Jackie Brown will always, at least be on the short list.

I rewatched Barton Fink recently and enjoyed it as much as I did the first time. It also reminded me John Goodman has always been good at playing bad characters.

I watched this video. It is mostly correct.

Star Wars - Return of the Jedi
Probably the worst of the original trilogy even though it had the potential to be the best considering the leap that The Empire Returns made from A New Hope.
The cast are less robotic and seem to comfortably/genuinely portray the characters they play. Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford carry this film incredibly well.
The light saber fights are fun enough to watch in this movie.

We find out that Darth Vader is just middle management and not as much of a bad ass as the viewer thought. Luke somehow thinks he can change his father’s mind after having his hand chopped off without a second thought in the prior encounter. Should he be dressed in grey as he’s ambiguously between light and dark? Fair enough though as he is human enough to be affected while his son is tortured in front of him. Boba Fett goes out like a punk because he is.
We spend a long time on hover bikes. There are teddy bears everywhere which somehow take out the Empire forces and base. Some characters can understand them, some can’t.

Very hard to finish out a trilogy however the person who was plotting this instalment wanted to wedge in a completely happy ending story where all the bad guys lost and all the good guys win. Also felt like there was just “what can we make into a toy to sell to kids around what to do and when”.

Otherwise pretty good.

I saw Vivacious Lady the other day. Kind of typical romantic comedy from 1938. James Stewart’s friendly aloofness seems out of place some of the time, like it always does. Some casual sexism and racism in the writing but I’ve watched much worse. On the plus side Ginger Rogers is pretty funny and body slams her rival at one point, so it’s got that going for it.

Not bad if you like those kind of movies.

I am going to watch Rebecca. I have definitely seen it before, but I was so young that I have just impressions of it.

Star Wars The Force Awakens
Nearing the end of my rewatch of the Star Wars movies prior to rewatching Rogue One

After more recently watching the original Star Wars movies, this movie is insanely rewarding. You get to see everything you were missing. Actual acting, updated CG and the photography was amazing.
The soundtrack is more nuanced and easily better than the other 3 films but is reliant on the prior 3 films to be good (pretty much the requirement for this movie being beyond good is its reliance upon the prior films’ existence).

The Storm Troopers are actually freaking scary shock troops. They are scary motherfuckers compared to the prior films. Ky Lo Ren is more ominous and displays such amazing feats of wizardry that he is immediately better than Darth Vader in the opening scene. He shows mastery beyond what is displayed in the first films.
Rei is so much better than Luke as a protagonist. She knows everything about ships and how to fly them because she’s been digging around in a wasteland of empire machinery. How does Luke know how to fly? He flies a model X-wing around making mouth noises. She already knows how to wield a light saber and blasters to a degree because she is self taught using other weapons.

Chewbacca acting is better.
BB8 and droids in general are treated more like a friend / companion than a slave.

Po Dameron says he’s the best pilot in the Resistance then displays why throughout all his scenes when in a cockpit.

Some annoyances are still using the old blaster sounds and jokes based on prior knowledge (explicit requirements of watching prior films).

Ky Lo Ren is better at fooling the audience into possibly coming to the light side than Darth Vader ever was.

Revised Ratings
The Empire Strikes Back
The Force Awakens (if the viewer has watched the original films)
A New Hope
Return of the Jedi
The Force Awakens (if you’ve never seen a Star Wars film)

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But where does the Christmas special fit?

Very top, of course.

I’d say the best movie I saw in 2016 was Hunt for the Wilderpeople. It’s a New Zealand movie directed by Taika Waititi, the guy who did What We Do In The Shadows. I was on holiday there and this trailer was all over the TV:


The premise is that a fat Maori foster kid goes on the run in the New Zealand bush with his foster dad (Sam Neil). A massive manhut ensues lead by an intense child services agent. Every character is weird and yet very human and sympathetic. There was a funeral scene which had me crying with laughter. 10/10 would watch again.

The director is in charge of the next Thor movie and I’m very curious to see what he does with it.

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