What book are you reading now/have finished?


Dust is garbage. It serves mostly as a setup for other people to write fan fiction, post it on Amazon Kindle Worlds, with the original author taking a cut on every sale.


I have never read a series that sells out so completely and ruins itself in the process.


There’s another Fufi story in the book (there’s quite a few really) and it goes that one day they learned Fufi could climb the fence and was spending her days with another family, coming home when they all got home from school and work. Living a dual life. They actually paid the other family to get her back.


I’ve finished Born a Crime. It was delightful and Mr. Noah is genuinely funny and the whole book is great. It’s shorter than I’d expected which led to me having to switch books sooner than expected. I had Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! all lined up to go but I may just delay that for something more substantive on apartheid in South Africa. Shit in that country goes so far beyond what I as an american can begin to fathom. There’s some similarities, especially in how they talk about in education. But I’d like to know more.


Washington: A Life by Ron Chernow is the most boring book I think I’ve read in my adult life.