This is Google


I’m filing this under the catagory of, don’t even bother nest/drop cam if your use case includes trying to use your cameras against someone capable of apt-get.

Short version is this is babies first attack and it’s crippling. Basically broadcast a malformed UUID and the smart camera will reboot, taking it down for 60-90 seconds. Do this continuously and, may as well not have the camera.


Your comment man, it cracked me up! Alien shit! Good one though


A Small google complaint related to he first post in the original thread. Since google shut down Google Reader I have been using Feedly as my RSS reader of choice I use if for is to keep up with youtube channels (since that is one thing youtubers always complain about is the subscription system not showing every video someone uploads.) This works very well except that for the second time this year youtube has Blocked feedly’s servers from accessing and updating the RSS feeds so I am now without video updates.


I’m pretty sure the YouTube subscription problem has been fixed for quite some time now.


Nope. The problem still persists.


My only annoyance is that they got rid of the new video counter next to your subscriptions on the sidebar, and don’t seem to have an adequate replacement that I’ve found short of having it email you individually for EVERY new video, which is shit. Unless I’m missing some setting somewhere, which wouldn’t be a surprise, I haven’t looked too hard.


the new thing is “Click the bell” which means you get it up in the notifications…which are annoying me on youtube since comment ones you can not read new comments in the notification panel you have to go to the video itself - which usually starts an advert playing.


If the problem persists, I’ve never experienced it. I see every video from every channel I subscribe to.

If you see ads, use uBlock origin and/or pay for YouTube Red.


The problem definitely still persists, HOWEVER, I’ve noticed some commonalities. They’re definitely trying to make your life easier even if it sometimes fucks up.

I have a way to reproduce the issue reliably. If you subscribe to someone who regularly releases things in multiple parts close together. Like imagine 3 20 minute videos that come out about 20 minutes apart that when combined make a 60 minute video. Only the first one will appear in your subscriptions.

IF this always worked perfectly I’d have 0 problems with it. It does not, it sometimes genuinely hides things you’d have wanted to see.


I have not experienced this.

For example. I am subscribed to MBCkpop. MBC is a major radio and TV broadcasting company. Almost every night they take a ton of clips/performances from their TV and radio broadcasts and dump them on YouTube all at once. I can see in my feed right now an instance where they uploaded eight videos together.


I guess those videos are not contiguous enough to trigger it. My example is Day[9]. He does these hour shows with 2 breaks in the middle. During the breaks he stops recording for… probably more commercials and ease of the archiving, rendering and, uploading process. My point is the 3 videos from one contiguous video.

At the end of each video there’s a link to the one after it. I imagine that such a large majority of people only watch the second after having seen the first that they don’t bother putting the other 2 in your feed.

Whereas with your Korean radio and tv broadcaster those 8 videos do not constitute one whole experience and people will happily pick and choose which of those they want to watch.


If YouTube is so smart it can detect videos that are in a series as part 1/2/3 and it only shows part 1 in your subscription feed, then that is a feature, not a bug. I also would not consider that an instance of videos not appearing in your subscription feed that are supposed to be there. The problem, which definitely did exist, has been solved for some time.


[quote=“Apreche, post:32, topic:511”]
that is a feature, not a bug. [/quote]

Yes, I support it when it works correctly. It doesn’t always work correctly. I don’t see any examples right now but I’ll report here next time it happens. Occasionally new videos come out and they simply do not appear in my subscriptions feed.

They appear in all other spots they’re supposed to appear but there. I’m either imagining it’s a bug or a feature that they don’t show up for me but one way or another it still occurs.



Google Earth is getting an upgrade.


Mobile and Desktop Chrome is getting built-in adblock. Get fucked, advertisers.


*Goes to read article about ad block on mobile, and spends 20 seconds trying to close a broken Wall Street Journal ad.


Opera has had this for a while, but I still went with ublock since it offered more flexibility.


Google adblock? Talk about fox guarding the hen house.

uBlock I think is the best one that can be trusted right now.


uBlock Origin.