The History Thread (Lizzie’s Trivia Thread)


Another short post but it’s the 181st anniversary of Andrew Jackson’s cheese party and everyone should know that.


UPDATE: So I went to a bar and figured since it’s Big Block of Cheese Day I should celebrate with an Old Hickory cocktail. It consists of one part sweet vermouth and one part dry vermouth. It is said to be what General Jackson drank when he was in New Orleans fighting the British. I’m not sure about the economics of alcohol in 1814 New Orleans but I think Andy could have saved some money and gotten the same flavor by buying wine that had gone bad.


That… That sounds just awful.

I hope he’s saved by some esoteric fact about how sweet and dry vermouth tasted different in those days.


I’m skeptical of the recipe. I couldn’t find primary or secondary sources verifying that Jackson drank the cocktail. It seems to just be urban myth around New Orleans. It may just be a vermouth peddler’s attempt to sell product that caught on and turned into part of the Jackson myth.


I’ve mixed 50/50 dry and sweet vermouth and found it ok (I’m not a huge fan of dry vermouth, really).

I’m pretty sure I got the idea from searching for “how do I use all this dry vermouth”.


Unrelated to alcohol or Andrew Jackson, today I learned the source of the great quote “Prussian monarchy is not a country which has an army, it is an army which has a country,” and it was an aide to Frederick the Great in the Seven Years War named Georg Heinrich Baron Horst.


Duke has a March Madness of Presidents going on. You can fill out a bracket and there’s still time to submit I think.

Here’s mine. The President at the bottom left of the bracket who got beat by Jimmy Carter is Thomas Jefferson. I think WHH, Carter, and Coolidge all got way further in my bracket than most people’s

Also, can we update the thread title?