The History Thread (Lizi's Trivia Thread)


I get the impression the more I read about him that he learned from his early years fighting for the crown and really earnestly wanted to make Mexico a prosperous, mostly-free independent state. He had good intentions and strong ideals, but resorted repeatedly to expedient (i.e., autocratic) actions.


His autocracy really helped build the Texan narrative and inspire the US to go to war with Mexico in 1846. All of Mexico would’ve been annexed if northern Democrats hadn’t built a coalition with the Whigs to stop such a broad expansion of slavery.


Damnit, I was gonna quote the line from pulp fiction about “best intentions” (shortly following a fatal gunshot) but honestly… Seems like on balance and in retrospect, he did more good than harm.


Dred Scott was on this day in 1857. Early March is pretty eventful in American history, evidently. Just thought I’d bring this back up.

EDIT: It was '57 not '59.

EDIT 2: Oh jeez today’s also the 199th of the Missouri Compromise. I don’t think I have it in me to write up something for that tho.

EDIT 3 okay very quickly:


Oh jeez I forgot it’s Confederate Heritage Month


Oscar Brand is a famous country/folk musician and he recorded an album of Presidential campaign songs from Washington to Clinton. It’s a great listen, containing one of two recordings I’ve found of Hunters of Kentucky, Andrew Jackson’s campaign song (the other being on Bloody Bloody). But this one is my favorite. Andrew Johnson’s “campaign song.” A. Johnson never ran for the Presidency, he was brought in after Lincoln’s assassination and was such a train wreck not even the shambling party that was the Democrats could run him. So instead of a campaign song, Folkways Records put this song on the album. It’s the only song on there that advocates voting against the President, and James Buchanan has a song on that album.


Ooh, it’s got a nice little ring to it.


EDIT I got the wrong paged signed but I still got my copy of Reconstruction America’s Unfinished Revolution signed