The American Collapse (of Civil Society (non-governmental institutions))

The only way to make baseball interesting without making it unrecognizeable is to run it like wrestling.

Just script it.

Baseball’s the opposite! Going for home-run-or-strikeout is the high risk high reward play. And lame to watch.

I think you could make changes without redesigning the game wholesale to incentivize:

  • steal attempts
  • increase contact
  • decrease strikeouts

and still keep the feel of regular ol baseball.

Lower the mound, rigorously enforced pitch clock, deeper fences come to mind. You wouldn’t even know just from watching a game.

Judging from the feeds of some of my Korean friends, baseball being exciting might be down to a cultural thing. Cuz they are about it (Or, it might be down to their appreciation of the cheerleading. K-pop cheerleaders: the 'flowers' of South Korean baseball | AFP - YouTube)

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It’s absolutely a cultural thing; American baseball is boring as hell. I used to work with international students and warned them not to expect too much fun. They always said I was right. Baseball in Latin America is fun; they have songs and dances. Baseball in Japan and Korea is fun; they have chants and songs (one team’s song is “What Does the Fox Say?”!). Baseball in the US…should be best out of 5; who needs all 9 innings.

Not really. If you attempt any other sort of hit besides a home run, the risk of a strikeout remains. If you hit the ball in play, there’s actually now an additional risk of other forms of getting out, including even worse things like hitting into a double play. One thing they could do to mitigate this is to make a strike out worse than a regular out. This would reward just getting the ball in play and making something happen even if it’s an out.

High risk high reward plays in baseball are things like running for an extra base hit when the ball wasn’t necessarily hit deeply enough. That’s exciting.

ACAB, but what happens when the unstoppable force of cops meets the immovable object of sovereign citizen bullshit? A week ago a 25-year-old white guy in Utah was stopped by police for not having a valid license plate and after refusing to provide identification or vehicle registration and telling the cop he had no right to interact with him, backup was called and after many warnings of being forcefully removed from his vehicle (again, white guy) they saw that he had a holster and/or gun on him and they said they believed he was reaching for it and they shot him repeatedly.

His mother was pulled over about a year ago and went through a lot of the same sovereign citizen bullshit with the cop. Apple, tree, and all that.

I mean, remember the whole shit at the wildlife refuge, or the Bundy Ranch? Basically that, usually.


The NYT is shutting down their sports desk, making The Athletic do it all.

I believe The Athletic is not unionized, and NYT reporters are… :thinking:

Short video illustrating actual audio from a court proceeding with a sovereign citizen where the Judge was not about to be run over by his bullshit: Sock Puppet Master on Instagram: "🟥🟦🟨 Source👉 Man tries playing mind tricks with Judge (by Court Cam on Youtube)"

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There are abusers and there are enablers. There is an overt authoritarian death cult and a soft-focus death cult. The two parties are not the same – and that’s the point. They work in tandem to create this nightmare.

There is very little, if anything, that I would factually challenge about a post like this and the sentiment is very understandable, the frustration and exasperation at the lack of the variety of choice we would prefer to have in our political reality. It is one that I feel like I am seeing more and more, likely because we are already enduring what will continue for so many months still of the head to head campaign for the presidential election.

However, at this moment and even if all who are unsatisfied agree on the major facts of the problems with Biden & the Democratic party, what is the alternative that is realistic and not just a fantasy in early 2024 with the elections later this year? I don’t need to be convinced that the choices are not wonderful and ideal. I don’t need to be jarred from a false sense of hope or assurance that everything is actually just fine currently or that the current system and political landscape is working so well. I need harm reduction in the short term and to support people and organizations who are doing the hard and unglamorous slow and tedious work that over the medium and long term will improve the system. I don’t need protest votes or apathy & disengagement or “sitting out this election” or votes for 3rd party presidential candidates who will not win and could cause the worst outcome to occur (Trump winning the electoral college vote again).

And as far as the conspiracy theories that the Democratic party actually doesn’t want to attack or beat the Republicans too much because they need them to fundraise from or they want to enjoy their elite society ill-gotten-gains together. What a horsehit conspiracy theory invented out of much less “lets work together to be evil” motivations but instead: stupidity, bad judgement, self-interest of individual politicians, ego, etc… That is not say that Democrats or the party strategy are holy and perfect and that the results don’t end-up being very similar as if they were conspiring together. But I’m not convinced that just because people who mingle in that part of society have history or connections with both political party’s power players that it means that the two parties are conspiring to screw over the voters. They both just end up screwing over the voters as they try to gain and maintain their influence. But one party screws over and wants to screw over the rest of us a whole lot more.

In late September, Biden rolled out an ad bragging about his ability to work across the aisle. Across the aisle sit Republican seditionists, aspiring autocrats, and stooges propped up by dark money plutocrat networks. A person cannot rightly claim democracy is under attack and then brag that they are working with the people trying to destroy it.
Unless, of course, they are partners in destruction. Unless Biden’s proclaimed willingness to work with an authoritarian party is one of the honest things he said.


Stolen from a friend’s post on FB:


Voting is a choice between one of two power-seeking coalitions.

That’s it. You don’t have a third option. You choose which power seeking coalition you would prefer. You shape that coalition via primaries.

It’s frankly unethical to do anything but vote for Democrats in the year 2024.


Just read a local news story about the first person to be charged under a new ‘road rage’ law that elevates the conduct to a felony. It follows a very familiar script that has caused this law to be passed: someone in a big truck feels slighted by the behavior of another car on the road and follows them aggressively for miles and miles and through multiple turns at intersections and brandishes or even points a handgun at the other driver.

Curtis said the driver continued to follow him into his neighborhood, where he said the man pulled up next to him near the Ranches Golf Club.
“He was like, ‘If you keep driving like a b-word, I’m gonna’ — and then I heard him cock his gun and point it up at my head level — and he’s like, ‘I’m gonna shoot you in the effing face.’”
“He was like, ‘You better drive off before I blast you,’” Curtis said.

The thing that amazed me the most when reading this news report was that after telling the story from the victim’s point of view they switch to what police say happened when they were able to track down the other person shortly after the incident and apparently the truck driver confirmed the important details of the encounter:

“Our suspect then stated that he was in a road rage incident,” a police booking affidavit states. “The suspect described a similar combination as the reporting party earlier had. The suspect made statements that he had a firearm in his truck and wanted to protect himself. When I asked him to explain what he meant, suspect stated that after arguing with the other driver, he pulled a gun out and showed it to the other driver.”

I mean, thanks for making this an open and shut case, but how brain damaged are you to not only commit these acts but to then just admit them immediately when the sheriff tracks you down?? The self-righteousness and deluded assurance of having protected himself. Pretty much fits the title of this thread perfectly, and I weep for the outlook of society, not just for this incident but that I had to triple check the date of this news story because so many fit this mold.


Who’s replacing Biden?

Lizz Truss Lettuce?


Covid, jail now bullets. Nothing can get him. Donald ‘Rasputin’ Trump looks like he’ll make it past the finish line.