The American Collapse (of Civil Society (non-governmental institutions))

This narrative is as old as time. It happened to Cronos and a hundred other dieties. It’s happened to Bimbisara and a hundred other rulers. It happened in Dark Souls and a hundred other games, movies, and books.

Regardless of your opinions on how to usurp the corrupt, take the lesson to heart that compassion creates a future for those after you and that when the unjust rule, time is always on your side.

SUPER DUPER content warning (though it’s done by the video itself in the very beginning)

Long story short, we’ll be no different. (there’s one exception explicitly laid out, and I doubt it covers most of this forum)

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I keep pushing the heart button but the number only increases by 1. God damn great video

I can take no credit for finding it. Yugopnik is my favourite slav youtube person. I’m glad you liked it… comrade.

No, because I believe the chain has been not completely broken, but heavily damaged. In the old days you had a generation that complained about jazz music. The jazz generation complained about rock and roll. The rock and roll generation complained about hip hop.

And then it stopped. That generation that complained about hip hop is the same generation we are fighting today.


Really? That’s your argument?

Somehow because of various trends in music opposition the entire issue of economizing information and thinking as people age is just gone?

Maybe try arguing that there’s more comrades now and that’s the reason we’ll be breaking the chain. That may actually be true.

I know a bunch of people who complain about KPOP. I don’t think it’s stopped really.

Dan Carlin (of Hardcore History fame) mentioned that back in his day he and his friends would long for the day when the older generation died off all of the social woes will be gone! And then he realized that no, they’ve got problems too, and the next generation does as well. Hopefully less, but still there.

There is a strong tie between cultural bonds and ideological bonds.

If you haven’t noticed a lot of the ideological wars are bundled with culture. See: Gomergate.

Go to a Billy Joel concert and you see 90% of the crowd is from exactly one generation, bonding with itself. Go to an anime convention, and you see people across several generations coming together, up to a certain age where it just drops off.

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The good thing about my generation, is that when my brain ossifies and I’m not longer open to new technology and culture, I’ll have amazing video games, virtual reality, ubiquitous internet, and all the good stuff.

I’m looking forward to retiring and setting up my VR flight simulator. Can’t wait! I’ll be retiring into great healthcare too. Sweet.

Much better than my grandfather who only watched sports on TV and my grandmother who would just do jigsaw puzzles. Better than my parents who still haven’t worked out how to use a smart phone.

I know my brain is going to slow up, but I’m ready for it.

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I dunno if I buy it. So basically you’re saying that yeah, brains gonna slow up and we’ll all be less receptive to new information.

But that will not matter as much as the fact that we all are happy talking to people from other generations therefore despite the fact that our brains won’t really wanna take in new information, we’ll do it anyway?

I guess which is stronger, culture or brain rot?

I don’t disagree with the factual evidence of brain rot, but I disagree with the biological determinism leading from it. Much in the same way it takes more upkeep to maintain a healthy body as you get older, it just takes more upkeep to maintain a healthy mind.

Sure, and some individuals will definitely do that. I’m talking about a society though. Unless you’re saying that this current generation of young folks are somehow more predisposed to maintaining their minds, more so than those who came before I don’t see how what you’re saying and what I’m saying can’t both be true.

I guess when I say it’ll happen to us, I don’t mean the people in this forum. Heck I think comrades are devoted to an ideology that “to each according to their need” is a part of. If you’re core belief is that, brain can get as slow as you want and you’ll still believe the right thing.

Not being able to process information as quickly as we did before does not translate into being an asshole who is intolerant of new ideas and is averse to change and hates what young people are up to. Even if we get old and can’t read Internet as fast as we do now, we aren’t going to somehow be opposed to cyborg kids or whatever other crazy direction society goes.

People tend to conform to the ideology of their social circles. When you share culture with someone, you share space. You hang out. Previous generations were more socially isolated from each other because they were culturally isolated. In the 20th century each decade had its own cultural identity in terms of fashion, music, art. Starting in 2000, it’s a lot more blurry thanks to the Internet.

When everyone aged 10-50 is hanging together, playing Fornite together, playing Minecraft together, cosplaying together, enjoying anime, forming a community, they are sharing both culture and ideology. There used to be dividing lines of this nature, but from my perspective, whatever divisions there are among people younger than boomers are drawn along other axes.

As long as we continue to form inclusive communities that bring together people across generations in their shared love for whatever, we will also naturally share ideology. Non-Internet generations did not do that. They only hung with people their own age.

Add-on: Think about it. When I was a kid we played video games with other kids. To our parents, video games were stupid kids stuff. Now, new families, the whole family games together. The power of digital culture has created cross generational bonds and a more-united front against the olds.


I can dig it, same idea in the video of “tending your tree” in a way that keeps it healthy even when it’s harder for it to change. Same idea in my first post when I said we should stress compassion over consolidation of power.

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The argument that this statement is false is basically the contents of the video that started this discussion.

It’s even a depiction of exactly how.

What you sound like right now:

May I present this argument from a wacky dude on a YouTube video. Case closed!

And fair enough, but that’s not what I’m going for.

Here’s how I see the discussion as going:

Me: youtube video with arguments

Scott: arguments of my own that don’t address the youtube video

Me: I took your arguments and attempted to apply them to the youtube video, here’s what I came up with, I don’t really buy it, is this what you’re trying to say?

Scott: restating the arguments I said before while just contradicting the youtube video

Me: all you’ve done was contradict it

The youth always think that their generation will be better. While that may be slightly true over time, every generation has problems. To assume that our generation won’t succumb to the same types of problems as the other generations is naive at best.

Go back and watch the white supremacists march in Charlottesville. Find me a guy who’s over 40. They’re almost overwhelmingly younger. These types of ideologies and beliefs never fully go away. You have to constantly fight it. Old people dying won’t magically cure anything.

GameGate, ComicsGate, Pepe the Frog. These weren’t started by our parents. They were started by people our age. Ben Shapiro isn’t popular with Boomers, he’s popular with younger people.

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They’re not actually popular. They just appear popular because of appearances. They get a lot of attention, making it appear that they are a big deal, but it’s almost entirely negative attention.

Look at every proud boy rally or whatever. A handful of nazis show up and a huge pile of antifa show up. This happened just recently in NY. I think people said there were 10 nazis and hundreds of antifa. One of the people was even a nazi who was so much “that guy” that the other nazis rejected him! Kicked out of the proud boys for being too nazi. Hilarious.

Without gerrymandering, electoral college, the senate, and other undemocratic mechanisms, the GOP would have nothing. They are a minority. Don’t let them forget it.

Yeah, some young people are giong to be nazis. Some old people are totally cool! Bernie and Warren are geezers! The unity I’m talking about refers to most people not all.

Side note: I’m tired of having to repeat myself with extra unnecessary words because of “not all X” arguments. If someone says “most X are Y” do not respond with “what about these X that are not Y?” If there is going to be a counterargument it should be “most X are not Y, most X are Z”. That is perfectly acceptable.

If I say most I mean most, I don’t mean all. If I mean all, I’ll say all. If it’s not clear, use common sense. “Does Scott know that there is at least 1 nazi under the age of 50?” Unless you think I don’t know that, why would you think I was arguing something to the contrary?

That was the latinos for trump (actually just the proud boys) thingy. And yeah, that one nazi dude had a wierd name, Jovi something I think, and the other nazis didn’t like been seen with this nazi who was more open about his naziness.