Tennis (Iga Swiatek Appreciation Thread)

Nico Rosberg style. I respect it so much because this is very much like what I would do. Even if I was world champion of something I enjoyed a lot, it would still be so much work. If I get enough money to escape capitalism of course I’m going to retire and enjoy life freely. Congrats to Ash at winning at life.

Carlos Alcaraz is the new hotness, and I’m a huge fan already. I watched most of his matches in Miami, including him winning the final match while I was waiting for my flight to Miami.

And then I was flying back home via Madrid, and we were on the same flight! I got a photo once we landed. It seemed nobody else recognized him except me. I don’t think he’ll be able to travel so easily soon, as this kid is going to be as big as Nadal in Spain soon.

Watch out for him winning the French Open in a few months.



I bet everyone is hoping for a match with Djokovic at the moment. There’s never been a riper chance for a win against the world number one.

Ash Barty retired, leaving Iga Swiatek as world number one. Becoming the top ranked player by default might bring a lot of expectations, but Swiatek is handling it in a true number one fashion.

Since Barty retired, she hasn’t lost a match! She’s won 27 matches in a row, and will probably win her 5th consecutive tournament today.

Of course, when it comes to records, matching a Serena Williams record might seem impressive, but then you’ve always got to check the stats of Steffi Graf and Martina Navratilova. The longest winning streak is 74 matches, so Swiatek is only a third of the way there.

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Iga Swiatek wins her 29th match in a row, this time in 54 minutes and 6-2 6-0. It doesn’t matter who opponent is, because her score lines are always the same these days.

6 matches to go for her sixth title in succession.

Five matches to go, and she’s making it look easy.

Iga Swiatek was broken twice in one set, but still won it 7-5. That’s the closest she’s got to losing a set in a long time!

Her streak is now 31 matches long, she hasn’t lost in over 100 days… and has four matches until she wins the French Open again.

And then she’s playing in Berlin, and I think I’ll get tickets.

Swiatek lost a set! It was one of the best sets of tennis I’ve seen in a while, and Zheng is a super impressive young talent. But to beat Iga you have to keep that level up across two or three sets, and that’s not possible for anyone at the moment. The final two sets had a much more usual Swiatek score line of 6-0 6-2.

That’s 32 matches for Swiatek in a row, with 15 love sets along the way. Into the quarter finals and more serious opponents to come.

I only get five posts in a row in this forum, so that’s it for the Iga Swiatek Appreciation Thread unless someone else has something to say about tennis. Meanwhile I’ll be popcorn.gif today with Alcaraz vs Zrevev and Nadal vs Djokovic part 54.

Ok, I’ll make a tennis post, lol.

Zverev vs. Alcaraz is indeed going to be popcorn.gif. Noted piece of shit Zverev was already complaining that Alcaraz was getting too many of his matches scheduled on the main court. Stop whining. Maybe you could play there more if you were a good person that people liked and wanted to see.

Also, I want to say, we went to one, just one, session of the US Open last year. It’s only May, and they are already sending me spam emails to buy all kinds of tickets. Are they that desperate? It’s like four months away.

EDIT: They just sent me another email even though I unsubscribed!!!


Ok. Nadal won. Good.

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Iga Swiatek won 6-3 6-2 over Jessica Pegula, and didn’t even play that well while doing it.

She has now made it to 33 matches in a row. That’s one behind Serena’s best streak of 34 matches in a row, and if Iga wins the title she will equal Venus’s steak of 35, the best this century.

Despite me very much wanting Alcaraz to win, Zverev totally deserved it yesterday. Zverev was very clear that despite Alcaraz being one of the best players this year, it doesn’t matter how many Masters 1000 tournaments you’ve won, it’s always a BIG step up playing in the Majors. He knows that, because it took him years to get good at the format. Zverev was insistent that the IMPORTANT side of the draw had four big names in it: Djokovic, Nadal, Alcaraz and Zverev himself. And he proved his point. He knew exactly what he was doing in the match yesterday, and made Alcaraz look like a junior player again, for the first two sets at least.

Nadal won. Never bet against him at Roland Garros! I watched the half of the match live, but holy shit, these guys take a long time to play, and they start the match at 9pm. One game early in the second set lasted 17 or 18 minutes? OF COURSE it is going to finish after 1am, and I’ve already gone to bed. Thankfully I could pick off where I left off with the Eurosport app, and watch the rest this morning (while skipping the 30 seconds between each point).

One more match to go.

All done. 6 titles in a row including a major. 35 match wins a row. Good job Iga.

I bought a ticket for the Berlin WTA 500 event, mainly to see Iga Swiatek continue her winning streak in person. A few days before the tournament she withdrew, understandably, to rest before Wimbledon. Still, I had a fun day, especially watching Ons Jabeur (the second best player at the moment) and Coco Gauff.

Now Wimbledon has started, and the Iga Swiatek streak is continuing… now up to 36 wins in a row, including yet another 6-0 set…

Edited to add:

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RIP the Iga Swiatek streak. A fun ride. 37 matches in a row. It started the moment the previous world number one Ash Barty unexpectedly retired, and Swiatek stepped up as the new number one and DOMINATED.

But it turns out grass courts and an in-form player like Cornet can banana-skin even the best.

I watched the match, and from the opening games I knew this would be the end of the streak. Loads of errors from Iga, and she looked tired and over it. Oh well!

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Never heard this one before.

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I mean we knew, but the finality of it. Without question she is up there on the very short list of athletes who were greater than the merely great. The true GOATs that it is unlikely anyone else will come close to within our lifetimes.

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The greatest of all time isn’t retired just yet.