Tech News Round-Up

How about that meow situation?

Having an unsecured database connected to the Internet in 2020 is like leaving your wallet in an unlocked car with the windows down parked in a busy downtown.

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I don’t even know where to put this one.

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Guess leftists really love their trains.



Come on antitrust regulators where you at?

So Fawkes just came out with version 0.3. The tl;dr on it, is you take a photo and run it through it and it inserts noise imperceptible to the human eye but devastating to machine learning algorithms trying to build a dataset of pictures of you.

Pretty cool and an example of that concept I’ve been seeing a lot where we’ve spent a lot of time getting ML to work with perfect datasets. It’s gonna be a long time coming before we are able to handle adversarial datasets like this.

That said I downloaded it and am running it on an image of me I took in college. It took a while, like a few minutes. That said side by side they look the same.

So I guess the idea is run all photos that you put online through this and new photos of you won’t match as you if you do this long enough.

Kinda cool.

Edit: In the interest of keeping detail, while the thing runs it happily maxes out your cpu. So if you were to actually try and like do this to all your photographs, I’d maybe set up a pipeline that does it on another machine. And it’d be rude of me to not give examples so I did it again on a photo of an actor I had lying around:
This is the original

This is the one manipulated to not be recognizable to facial recognition software:


Basically YouTube is getting rid of the ability for people to suit subtitles to videos, which is part of a bigger problem.

Video owners can still create and apply subtitles. They only got rid of open community submissions.

The Linux kernel patch submission method, then.

Looking like more of a sure thing.

Update: It’s a done deal. This is going to change the face of computing. Get ready for the all-NVidia PC. Intel getting sadder every day.

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