Random Images Megathread


This is so pretty.



It was recommended after I looked at Borderlands.


We just don’t know.

BLAH BLAH stupid scott 20 characters.






So I hear I’m on the front of the Comedy Central Germany Facebook page?


Is that actually you or a look-a-like?


That is definitely Rym. And I’m pretty sure he is holding a leek. Because of this…


That is me, at the Stop & Shop in Fishkill. That photo is easily 8 + years old.


We couldn’t tag all of you so tag someone with a leek? Or something like that?


Fishkill NY we got leeks and a waterpark.


They should put that on the sign.


That’s what I translated it to. Or just tag a leek without a person in it.



I imagine that this has gotta be a real-life Mr. Sparkle situation.


According to a friend of mine more steeped in the nuances of the language:

[Quote]Yes, that is because the pure translation does make sense. A lauch (leek) is a kind of person in certain context. In some aspects, people who are skinny, frail and a bit nerdy are considered lauch. “Flimsy people”

The person shown is a decent example. :)[/Quote]


You know what? I dunno if it’s the vaguely awkward way he’s standing, the half-smile on his face, or that hat, but I can’t help but laugh every time I see this.