Random Images Megathread


Ya know weirdly enough, the AAA world is also full of stories so convoluted and just rife with loads and loads of things that aren’t remotely plausible and only barely make sense. MGS is only one offender. Kingdom Hearts and the plot to any Final Fantasy game also sping to mind.

These dense stories are fine when the product you are shipping is gameplay. But if the story has to stand alone, I think MGS wouldn’t be as good. Ditto for any other AAA game with a dense story that requires a wiki to make heads or tails of.

Then again, look at the plot of literally any shonen anime. I mean DBZ is about as nutty as MGS so… maybe it’d make sense as a long serial television program?


Oh man. Metal Gear Manga. That has to exist somewhere right?






This is from the recently opened Mori Building Digital Art Museum in Tokyo, Japan. I highly recommend checking out more images from their gallery.


Trainer battle.

Halloween pokemon.

And finally, Disney Princes Pokemon Trainers.








Matt Becker was talking about doing this on the Doug Stanhope Podcast this week.




Freak Power in Ohtori