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Ever since Astro Boy invented the mid-season power up, those same narrative devices have been used over and over again in shonen action stories. Mega Man isn’t anime or manga, but it’s still a Japanese shonen robot battle.

So, Dororo?

Torchbearer (unless you actually make a big score).

MMORPG + Battle Royale and possibly + MOBA = ???

Ok so you have a 3rd person camera and the game looks like you are playing WoW. You are on a huge map and you are level 1. Maybe you’re in a squad, maybe you’re alone, whatever. You go around leveling up on NPC monsters and collecting loot/gold. Very similar to how you collect gear in PUBG. There can even be towns/shops to buy shit with gold, secret healing shrines, anything that gives fantasy RPG feels. Maybe you choose a class at the start, maybe you are no class, and how you play ends up determining your class like in ye olde scrolls.

Anyway, this game could be a straight battle royale. When you encounter another player, you fight and try to be the last one alive on the giant map. But I think a more fun way is to have half the players spawn as good and half spawn as evil. However big the map is, there is a border between the beautiful colorful good side and the dark/evil hell side. The actual goal is to get together enough strength to go to the other side and capture/destroy the mcguffin whatever.

The goal is to make the game feel like an actual entire fantasy story plays out in one game. You start as a nobody from nowhere and you quickly level up to become a legendary warrior/wizard who joins the great war and ends up winning or losing. Rinse and repeat.

Isnt this a MUD with more defined goals? Lots of MMOs do world vs world already even if they’re disregarding the other MMO stuff during it, i think what you described was the whole appeal of Wildstar. Dofu/Wakfu also had players be part of competing countries with a persistent world.

No it is not a MUD because there is no persistence. I expect the average game to last about 30-45 minutes. A super intense double overtime game would maybe hit an hour long.

This sounds awesome. And I think it would work in first or third person actually. You might be able to implement a test version of this with the new Overwatch scripting tools.

A metal band, but the lead vocalist sings like Cab Calloway.

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Poor Min,

Poor Min,


Edit: Diablo Swing Orchestra!

If you want just straight-up jazzy covers, Postmodern Jukebox has got you:


St. Venmo’s Fire.

A movie about a bunch of twentysomethings trying to make rent juggling gig economy jobs.

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A multiplayer FPS with zero options. Click the launch button and it immediately dumps you into a server; the game mode is free-for-all deathmatch, maps are random, weapons are randomly assigned on spawn, spawns are random. There are no objectives but deathmatch. There is no progression or stats. Maybe after the round is over the game quits to desktop and if you want to go again you re-launch.

It’s literally just “click this button when you want an immediate 5 minute fix of shooting stuff before you move on to something else”

I think this idea has legs

isn’t this halfway towards Battle Royale?

In a way it is, but the idea being the pace is different in a BR game from an infinite respawn (mostly) close quarters deathmatch arena game.

My idea mostly is to absolutely remove all possible friction from the player going “i have an urge to play something right now but don’t want to commit or spend the next few minutes loading a game mode only to play one round” I’m talking like Counterstrike or Halo Slayer meets Minesweeper.

What got me thinking about it is a lot of the FPS games I have are great fun, but the way I am lately; Im like 5 minutes, or one round in, and then I’m kinda done. So half my gaming time is watching the menus!

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Gotcha, sounds almost like my TF2 days in college. Perpetually running CTF servers where winning a round was far less important than jumping into a game and getting stylish kills or working towards achievements. You might get bursts of novelty finding servers running custom maps or weird mods.

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Into The Breech

A visual novel about time traveling players trying to get with steampunk mech pilots.


City dwelling coyotes would be a good way to deal with the stray cat problem, which would definitely help the ecosystem too.