Professional Wrestling


Oh yeah - among lots of other things, there’s this list of events happening in and around Orlando that weekend:

3/30 | EVOLVE - 8:00pm @ Orlando Live Events Center
3/30 | WaleMania - 7:00pm @ TIER Nightclub
3/31 | PROGRESS - 12:00pm @ Orlando Live Events Center
3/31 | EVOLVE - 4:00pm @ Orlando Live Events Center
3/31 | CHIKARA - 8:00pm @ Orlando Live Events Center
4/01 | Kaiju Big Battel - 12:00am @ Orlando Live Events Center
4/01 | SHIMMER - 12:00pm @ Orlando Live Events Center
4/01 | WCPW: Orlando - 1:00pm @ Orlando Sports Center
4/01 | Ringside: An Afternoon with Jim Ross - 2:00pm @ Plaza LIVE
4/01 | CHIKARA - 4:00pm @ Orlando Live Events Center
4/01 | WWN Supershow: Mercury Rising 2017: Progress vs Evolve - 8:00pm @ Orlando Live Events Center
4/01 | ROH - Festival of Honor - 2:00pm @ Lakeland Center
4/01 | ROH- Supercard of Honor XI - 6:00pm @ Lakeland Center
4/02 | Beyond Wrestling - 12:00am @ Orlando Live Events Center
4/02 | Ringside: An Afternoon with Jim Ross - 2:00pm @ Plaza LIVE
4/02 | More than Mania Tailgate w/ FIP and ACW - tbd @ tbd

But as it is, this trip is looking to cost me around $1500 for the tickets, airfare, hotel, and food, so I don’t know if I can justify MORE wrestling, and we’ll likely be too exhausted to do much else. Though if Lucha Underground had a presence, I’d probably have tried to make time for that. Of course, I say all of this, but if my friends decide that they are going to one of these, then I’m going to end up going.



Word is that the Hardy Boys are not resigning with TNA and are headed to WWE, possibly re-debuting at Wrestlemania. DELETE!


My question is: Will they return with the Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero gimmick that’s put their name back in the public consciousness, or will the WWE roll them back to exactly how they were when they left WWE last time? I could see a case for either.

I also saw that Drew Gallaway (McIntyre) tweeted that he was leaving TNA as well. I really hope he comes back to WWE too, because I believe he never got the fair shot at the main event he deserved last time he was there. Also I really just want to hear this song one more time.

Edit: Rewatching this video, I remember that this guy kinda reminded me of Rym in some of these shots.


If broken Matt Hardy comes to WWE I would hope that he goes to smackdown just because I think him against Bray Wyatt has a potential for some fun storylines.


The Hardys are going to Ring of Honor.


Just finished Fastlane. Ho boy. The PPV started of good with a match between Samoa Joe and Sami Zayn, though the ending was predictable. It also genuinely did something great for the Cruiserweight Division with the match of the night between Gentleman Jack Gallagher and Neville which was extremely good and put the division back into relevancy. It even got some “this is awesome” chants which is always a good thing. Both men looked excellent.

But boy did WWE waste a ton of things with the last there matches. First we got Reigns vs. Strowman. Strowman has been really impressive and can really move for a guy of his size. Tonight he tried a Helluva Kick and what appeared to me alike a Flying Headbutt off the top rope. Unfortunately both failed. Worse yet, Strowman hit his finisher on Reigns through an announce table, but right after when Reigns is rolled back into the ring for the cover Reigns just stands up and spears Strowman as if nothing had happened. Instead of Strowman being built and cemented into the main event scene, Reigns wins for no reason. I actually accepted this at first because the match itself was pretty decent but I don’t really understand the reasons for the result.

Then we got Bailey vs. Charlotte. Bailey got the title a couple weeks ago on RAW. Why I don’t know because it seemed early and looked to mirror again the Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks feud where Sasha kept winning the title at RAW and Charlotte got it back at PPV. It didn’t help that the announcer kept talking up Charlotte’s kind of really specific streak of being 16-0 at PPV matches either challenging for or defending the title. So of course instead of adding to that streak and firing it off at Wrestlemania with Charlotte losing the title, they spend this tonight and have Bailey win. I guess this is a swerve but why waste the much talked about Streak?

Finally we got Kevin Owens defending against Bill Goldberg. The match is about to start and Owens repeatedly goes outside the ring for the good old heel powder, one of his common tactics except usually he does it at the start of the match right after the bell rings. So finally Owens is ready when Jericho’s music hits. Then the bell rings, Spear, Jackhammer, 1-2-3 and we got a 50 year old part timer as champion heading into Wrestlemania, because who the fuck needs current talent, right? Worse yet that part timer will defend against another part timer at mania. The result was kind of obvious once the match was set, but why set it in the first place? It wasn’t even executed well. The Bell should have rung first and then Jericho’s music should have hit. The only thing that is accomplished is adding more heat to the Owens/Jericho feud but that wasn’t even necessary.

Overall, WWE shooting itself in the foot, the PPV.


Sorry for the triple post, but I just heard that japanese pro Wrestler Tomoaki Honma was injured a couple of days ago at a show in Okinawa. Apparently a spinal injury. He has since regained movement in his arms and is able to pick things up, which is good, but terrible to hear that his career is probably over. I kind of really liked him watching NJPW recently and of course he is a hardcore legend.


WWE is making a new comedy show for the Network called “Southpaw Regional Wrestling”. This is the promo material. Just look at it.


First those of you who wanted to check out the craziness Luke, Coldguy, and I have been talking about, the fist two seasons of Lucha Underground are on Netflix and all is good. Those of you who haven’t seen it should for sure check it out.


Yeah, season 1 of Lucha Underground is one of the most surprisingly entertaining TV show I’ve seen. I’d recommend it to anyone who is happy to see acrobatic Mexicans flying head first into other acrobatic Mexicans… along with storylines that are about as serious as you’d expect from a show featuring acrobatic masked Mexicans.


I downloaded the first season of Lucha Underground last year but I am only about 5 episodes into it. It is such a fun show, lots of high flying lucha action and you get to see a lot of things you don’t get to see in WWE like mixed gender matches and mini wrestlers. (Mascarita Sagrada first match was so fun.)

One thing I really like about netflix is you can get all sorts of foreign television. We on UK television have been getting some of the American produced telenovela shows over here in terrestrial TV (Ugly Betty was the first I watched and I am currently catching up on Jane the Virgin.) So Netflix getting Lucha Underground to a wider Audience is a good thing.


After getting into Lucha Underground, a few times I’ve thought “Maybe I would enjoy some other professional wrestling?” and I check out some WWE or NXT or whatever. And it’s just so BORING and slow and uncreative.

All I can think is “Why isn’t there, right now, a man dressed as a dinosaur punching a ninja skeleton for the purposes of bringing about an Aztek apocalypse?”


The problem with getting into wrestling with Underground is that there is no one out there doing a wrestling product quite like they do. The interdependent promotion Chikara has the crazy characters and the storytelling which features multiple time paradoxes, megalomaniac mantis overlords bent on world domination, and a whole bunch of other craziness, but the production values for such a small company leaves a lot to be desired when compared to this shit where they have my homie Pentagon Jr. breaking dudes arms hard enough to blow out candles.

And while there are quite a lot of promotions that have the high flying action you like from the show like PWG or RoH, but almost all of the stories are of regular ass wrestling dudes competing to be the best, which is good enough for me but leaves a lot of people lacking in the story department.


I think the problem with WWE when you come to it from something like Lucha Underground is that WWE is written and produced as a soap opera. It is 3 hours of Raw & 2 hours of Smackdown a week every week with the storylines in them shows building up to the one of the 18 PPV events in the year and the storylines sometimes building up to a PPV 3 or 4 months down the line (the cross-brand ones (Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summer Slam, Survivor Series) especially) and that is just the main roster.

This is why I don’t actually watch the shows usually. I use what culture ups and downs videos to see if there is anything interesting to watch in the episodes and use Loading Ready Run’s Sidewalk Slam podcast as a motivator to catch up to the latest PPV:


Similar experiences here. Though I did get some enjoyment out of some random episodes of NXT, but it’s definitely not on level of Lucha Underground.

Also LU doesn’t seem to be in the Finnish Netflix. Doesn’t bother me that much, as I’ve already seen all of LU that has come out, but maybe I could have rewatched some bits, also it would have made it easier to recommend people to check out.


I will say the only thing LU has to it’s advantage more than anything for WWE is that the show is 1 hour long, 2 hours if they are crazy and trying to blow out a season finale. Much easier to digest and it’s easier as a show writer to keep the ball rolling story wise as you don’t have hours of filler needed to pad out the time slot.


No matter how good any TV show is, wrestling or otherwise, there’s absolutely no way I’m going to watch more than an hour or two of it per week. Maybe if I’m binging a show, sure, but I only do that for completed seasons, not just to keep up with the story lines.

Another thing Lucha Underground has is the location. When I see other wrestling venues, I’m wondering why they don’t have an office with windows to throw people through, or random storage rooms to slam people through the doors and/or roof. It just seems like a wasted opportunity not to have metal fences and wooden bleachers to slam opponents into.

But maybe it’s just me.


Just watched NXT TakeOver: Orlando.

First match was betweeen all four members the SAnitY stable and a mixed bunch of Tye Dillinger, Roderick Strong, Kassius Ohno and Ruby Riot. The Dillinger vs. Sanity storyline has been going on for a while and was constantly present during the NXT network series. Dillinger finally found some help in Strong and No Way Jose, but Jose was attacked before the show by SAnitY and so they added the recently returned Ohno. Ohno was already in NXT several years before and you may know as Chris Hero on the indie circuit. Ruby Riot is also an indie darling that recently came to NXT and is essentially the component to make this a mixed tag match because WWE wasn’t going to have men fight women and SAnitY has Nikki Cross. Oh yeah, and Ohno has the ugliest ring-gear I have ever seen. Trying to hide his belly with a basketball jersey doesn’t really work, though the switch to the Sacramento Kings color scheme improves it a little bit.

The match was very good and fast paced with a lot of changes between the participants, though the mixed tag-team rules slowed it down at the start a bit. Considering Ruby’s presence and this being her first match on camera plus the immediate push Ohno received upon his return (his first match was the first title defense for Bobby Roode and his second match was a “loser leaves NXT” match that he won against The Drifter Elias Samson) you’d think that the face team would have won, and it would have been good for Tye Dillinger to pick it up and finally move on from this or move up to the main roster after mania. However, it was in fact Dillinger that got pinned after Killian Dain hit him with the Ulster Plantation (essentially Kenny Omega’s One-Winged Angel). Not sure what this means because essentially this should be the end of the feud and it kind of leaves a sour taste for the heels to win a feud that was this long stretched out.

Next the debut of Aleister Black against Andrade “Cien” Almas. Aleister Black actually was on WWE before in the “break” match at the WWE UK Championship tournament against Neville, using his UK indie name Tommy End. WWE appears to have a lot of faith for him with several well produced vignettes leading up to the debut and giving him his own special name card similar to Bray Wyatt. His gimmick makes him kind of undertaker-like as a mysterious, potentially satanic figure. Weirdly though the match was quite even. I understand why they wouldn’t want to bury Almas but it also makes Black look a lot less threatening than he should if they want to build him up.

Throughout the night NXT would debut new title belts for its three championships. While it’s definitely an upgrade over the old women’s belt, I find it a downgrade for the other two titles. The tag team belt was a bit tacky with its inverse color scheme for the pair, but I kind of liked it, and the big gold X belt for the NXT Championship was just iconic in my mind. What I also liked is that each of the belts looked distinct from each other, while the new ones look very similar to each other.

Championship match gauntlet starts with the tag-team championship in a three way elimination match between DIY, The Revival and the champions Authors of Pain. I thought The Revival would be on the main roster already after losing a match against TM-61 in early February, but then a member of TM-61 got injured which I guess is the reason they didn’t move up. This was a really great match up until a point. It mostly boiled down DIY and The Revival, who hate each other’s guts, to team up on the monstrous Authors of Pain, and it worked pretty well with a mix of both teams performing each teams double-team finisher, but AOP wouldn’t fall. They even send one of AOP through a table and put the other in a reverse figure-4/crippler’s crossface double submission but the tabled guy recovered. And there was a top rope-superplex TO THE OUTSIDE onto the other four participants in the match. But then AOP eliminated DIY and that pretty much kneecapped the whole situation. The Authors then completely wrecked the Revival to the point where I thought the idea was to turn The Revival face. AOP retain.

Asuka vs. Ember Moon for the NXT Women’s Championship. This match was kind of short and a little bit disappointing. Definitely could not follow up to the previous match even with its disappointing finish. Perhaps their time got cut short after a previous match ran long. The match ended with Asuka pushing the official into Ember Moon, who was perched on the top turnbuckle in preparation for Eclipse finishing move. Somehow Asuka was not disqualified for it, kicked Moon in the head and won, pushing her Championship reign to a full year.

Booby Roode vs. Shinsuke Nakamura in a rematch from San Antonio for the NXT Championship. Both of course with fantastic entrances. The match was really good and they definitely upped their game from San Antonio. Roode again went after Nakamura’s knee given the injury Nakamura suffered in the previous match, but Shinsuke returned the favor going after Roode’s arm. Neither man has a really flashy finisher, but after a grueling match Roode improved with jumping off the middle rope to do execute his Glorious DDT, the second one that was needed to put away Nakamura. The result was unfortunately kind of telegraphed by the recent adverts WWE has been running for an NXT european tour with the line “See Asuke, Bobby Roode and your other favorites”, with the notable absence of Nakamura in this listing. Guess he’s going up to the main roster.

Very good show overall, definitely continuing the high standard of NXT.


New Day does New Day things.


I have only been watching Wrestling for 13 months but of the two Wrestlemania I have watched so far this was one of the most enjoyable PPV I have ever watched. New day dressing up like Final Fantasy characters while Final Fantasy XIV was sponsoring it. Every single match on the main card was entertaining even what I was dreading the most the Goldberg/Lesner fight 3.

The Hardy boyz returning to the WWE to DELETE Chants and somehow Holding Tag Team gold in TNA, ROH and WWE within the span of a month was amazing - I had literally only watched “The Final Deletion” before hand and I was amazed by their win.