PAX Online 2020

We will be appearing at the Penny Arcade Expo Online! PAX Online will replace the PAXes we'd normally appear at in person this year, and we're really looking forward to playing some games with all of you! Also stick around for our brand new talk!

Where is the Finish Line?

Friday, September 18th
2:00pm PDT (5pm EDT)
On the PAX3 channel

All games must end. This is especially important for competitive games. A single-player game ends when you decide to stop playing. But a competitive game ends when someone wins. Or does it? Turns out a lot of competitive games are over before they're over. A good game can be ruined by ending too soon or too late. Too late, and you have players who have already lost trapped with nothing meaningful to do. Too soon, and you didn't even "get to the good part." If you're designing a game, how can you determine the best time for the game to end? The conditions that make it happen? Join GeekNights for a thorough examination of the common types of game ending conditions and exploration of a process to determine which one is best for your game.

We will also be at the Cruncyroll Virtual Expo with an all-new version of Judge Anime By Its Cover! Stay tuned for details on this one!


“Where is the Finish Line?” is a much better title than your previous “end of games” ideas.

Credit to @Starfox