Now that Donald Trump has Won


I have a question on who committed this, because I think all of your presumptions are probably correct.

What are the chances that this is a single actor, and what are the chances this is a multi-person attack?


Profile seems to be single older white male with right-wing political views. I highly doubt this is a multi-person job.

I’m curious if we’ll get a unabomber-style manifesto.


I mean, given that a device was sent to Soros, we’ll probably be disgusted by it…


That’s not a foregone conclusion, this represents a non trivial amount of work.

Even just getting the personal addresses here is, eminently doable but would be easier split among a community.


Small low-grade pipe bombs all mailed at about the same time in plain manilla envelopes? That is a trivial exercise. We’re talking a few days work for a motivated and shitty individual. Bonus points that all the targets are regularly both vilified and doxxed in the shitty parts of the Internet.

It’s harder to make fireworks than it is to make a crappo pipe-bomb. I knew kids in middle school who made them regularly to blow up trash cans in the woods for fun.


Know the address to Soros’s Westchester home, or even what state the Obamas live in?


I have no idea where Soros lives, but the Obama’s still live in DC, and pretty much everyone here knows where they live. I would imagine finding out their address is trivially easy.


See what I’m saying though, you’re almost making my point for me. You know one address, but not the other because of where you live. I live a stones throw from Westchester county and could pretty trivially find out Soros’s address, but we’re not the same person.

There’s more than two targets. Any one of them is pretty easy to get provided you live in their general area, but they’re fairly spread out and I wouldn’t put it past being a small group effort.

Not that one person couldn’t do it, just I’m not convinced that it was just one person.


I still disagree. It doesn’t matter that I only know one address. My point is that both addresses are probably very public, and if I was intent on finding out where all these people lived, I could find out very easily. Geography doesn’t factor into it because there’s this thing out there called the Internet.

I’m not saying that it was one person, but I disagree that this would be a huge challenge for one person. If you’re motivated and crazy enough to send pipe bombs, finding out your targets’ addresses isn’t that big a hurdle to jump over.


Apparently, a fifth suspicious package was found addressed to Representative Maxine Waters:

" Packages containing devices and addressed to former president Barack Obama and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton were intercepted by the Secret Service, while an explosive device was found at the home of liberal philanthropist George Soros. A suspicious package was found at CNN’s New York headquarters and another, addressed to Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), was discovered at a congressional mail sorting facility."


If I was a mad bomber that bombs at midnight type, I’d keep to myself about my plans, do everything I can possible do without touching a credit card or if I have to do research on public systems no where near my place. So much can trace back to you with something like that, Generally it’s lone wolf crazy folks with a lot of time.


Thus far all the bombs seem to be sent to people named in the crazy PizzaGate QAnon bullshit. I am staying at 100% likelihood this person was radicalized on some far-right 4chan nonsense.


That’s just what they want you to believe. Clearly this is a False Flag operation perpetuated by the Liberals. Why else would they target these people so close to the mid-terms? It’s all a George Soros plot!


This is actually a thing right wing nuts are saying. Someone on twitter was claiming that the return address on the bombs was Debbie Wasserman Schultz.


That’s hilarious.

If Liberals ever did perpetuate a false flag operation, I doubt they’d write the correct return address on the bomb… jeez.


Exactly. I was laughing pretty hard at that honestly.


Umm… Ya think?

Now, being cis, I don’t follow what’s going on in the trans community too closely unless it either makes major news or one of my friends/associates (trans or not) points it out to me, so I don’t know how active Ms. Jenner is in improving the situation for trans people, but… yeah… she put her metaphorical eggs in the wrong basket here.


I think people underestimate the amount of politics is “Team based” I’ll watch people excuse things they would never let the other side do, just because it’s the other team. Jenner, had always been a republican so was primed to believe anything a republican candidate said especially if it even hinted towards something they approved.


There was that study recently showing that a person’s views on gender in the US tend to be entirely informed by which political party they prefer.

This is instead of them choosing the party that best matched their existing views…


So like I said, trivial for one motivated shitty dude.