Now that Donald Trump has Won

TLDR, journalists ask exactly the kind of questions that people should get thrown out of panels for asking


This was a great thread. I really liked reading it.

Unrelated to questioning the president and more related to the current makeup of the SCOTUS (thanks to the president) I love when The Onion is this spicy.


The sad thing is is that Republicans and right wing Democrats are risking their voter base for this short-sighted goal. Older people vote more often and more often vote Conservative. Who’s gonna vote for them in November if most of them are dead by May?

If you live in Minnesota, Michigan, or Virginia, please be extra careful in the coming weeks. If you have the ear of family and friends that are being radicalized by these groups tell them to get the fuck out while they still can.

The President of the United States is calling for armed insurrection. What the absolute fuck?

Is this even legal?

Certainly not. A business can not discriminate its pricing based on the customer. More importantly however, it’s another example of Trump sabotaging U.S. interests for his personal gain, or rather petty feuds. He’s upset with the Washington Post as a liberal news outlet not reporting on him to his liking. The Post is owned by Jeff Bezos, so this is directly to fuck with Bezos.

Bezos can die in a fire for all I care, and while I can see the argument that Amazon is exploiting the U.S. postal service, it isn’t any different than freight companies “exploiting” the road system. If you want to get to these companies, tax them more, except Trump doesn’t like taxation because it isn’t targeted.

Furthermore, the U.S. Postal Service is actually a self-sufficient arm of the government. None of this would be necessary if not for idiotic regulations put in place by the W. Bush administration that the U.S. Postal Service has to pre-fund its pensions for 70 years, something no other government institute is obliged to do. Of course this was done to harm the Postal Service so it isn’t profitable and that can be used as a pretext to privatize it at some point.

Whatever gave you that idea?


The Robinson-Patman Act

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I guess this goes here?

Did we actually win the meme war and get Trump to shut the fuck up, or did one of his yes-men (I hesitate to call them advisors) finally get through his thick skull and tissue paper ego that maybe him talking hurts his campaign?

Trump is taking his ball and going home because ironically he can no longer shut himself up. There is a crisis where he is supposed to lead and is woefully incapable, and is rightfully criticized for this. Usually when that happens he goes golfing or holds a rally, distracting himself and in the later case surrounding himself with idiots who eat out of his hand. He can’t currently do this and thus is cut off from his coping mechanisms.

It’s also why he is forcing cadets to return to West Point to attend his speech, which nobody except him wanted. It’s a captive audience who are not allowed to protest him.


I haven’t seen a verification or even sanity check of these numbers, but seems directionally accurate:

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Impeach him again.

I don’t think the difference between the current and former president has ever been more explicit than in the last 24 hours. Obama holds a commencement speech, thanking both students and staff for their commitment in these trying times, but is also warning that this is only the beginning and that these new graduates will have to grow up faster than others.

Trump on the other hand is incapable of stringing two words together, much less show empathy with others, and so steals the speech of a president in a movie and superimposes his own face over it.

Barr said something…not stupid for once.

Quick, someone hack into it and siphon it dry!

I’ve found the greatest editorial of all time while browsing a news feed.

Here’s the article.

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