Meta, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc

Wired with the correct take:

I legit want to delete all my social media accounts.

I only have 3 really. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I mostly used Twitter till it was sold.

Facebook has long been dead to me but the account is still alive. I’ve deleted the majority of my photos and whatever other content I had on there.

I mostly actually socialise on Instagram, even though the app really sucks.

I have no plans for joing any new platform.

If I need to share something online, I’ll find a way when I need to.

I deleted my Reddit account since the whole kerfluffle went down. In reality, I am thinking of return untoo the 1.0 days of the web andfindingarious forums and small communities to hahang and not going go However, since my job requires me to be connected, I know iwill notto be easy.

Instagram is the only centralized one I still have, with it really only being for me to track the beer I’ve tried. I’ll likely jump from that ship at some point.

My Labor Union made me create a Facebook account a couple years ago to manage their Facebook group when I was in a role to do that. I think everyone in my social circle with a current Facebook account has one for some work related reason.

I’m putting this here for humorous cynicism…Threads (1984) ORIGINAL TRAILER [HD 1080p] - YouTube


People might actually save money paying to make Instagram ads go away.

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Some people’s very existence has been politicized. And it is those who most benefit from the current political environment that are most likely to say “can’t we just not talk about politics for a moment”. So, all in all it is a move that will further marginalize those people and issues that most need the attention. :-1: