Linux on the Desktop


It’s optional. You don’t get it unless you specifically install it.


Yeah but its available for you. I prefer using this to move around the OS rather than the default command just because of my familiarity with it and immediate access to Vim if I require it.

However some of my friends still at University are programming OpenGL stuff using the subsystem which is pretty neat.


We will shift our default Ubuntu desktop back to GNOME for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

So long and thanks for all the Mints!


i3 or bust.


Never even heard of it before. 8 years old, last commit 6 days ago. Not bad.


Yeah, I’m not sure what the history behind it is. There was ion, ion2, ion3. Then there was some arguments and someone made “notion” (not ion). Not sure who made i3, but it’s the best of the breed IMHO.


Unity being a big goddamn mess plus that they were about to start showing ads was when I dropped Ubuntu and went back to Debian.

Whatever happened to Valve’s Steam Machine idea? I’d assume docker/containers could provide a stable game/application environment, but the devil’s in the details. E.g., last I heard suspend/resume sucks under Linux which was a problem.

My use cases are:

  1. At work. Not running games, so :thumbsup:.
  2. At home. Linux is a headless box full of disks, so :thumbsup:.

  1. In a Virtual Box VM for development purposes at work/home.
  2. On a server.
  3. On an embedded device where you don’t even realize it’s running Linux.
  4. Nowhere else.


I still use it as my primary OS… It works fine for me.


Yeah I’ve had issues with Linux going to sleep/hibernation and the wifi not working anymore until reboot.

As I’ve said before, I just want Steamboxes to take off so we see more development in games for linux. Right now, I’d just build/buy a Windows HTPC and use steam in big picture mode. Really even if SteamOS was that big I’d still rather just have it be a Linux box with Steam in big picture mode because it’s a computer attached to your tv, you can do so much more with it than games.


I personally love the Gnome 3 desktop with an Arch build (using Wayland), the issues with Ubuntu are Ubuntu not Gnome.


I haven’t made the jump to Wayland yet but I’m also running Arch with Gnome 3, most stable computer I’ve ever had.