Judge Anime by its Cover - Spring 2018


PPSSPP is the best right now (or you can just hack a physical PSP trivially, your choice).

The roms vary, from a few megs to about a gig and a half. I know the private tracker I’m on has a master torrent, so I’m sure they exist on the public 'nets.


This season I’m definitely 100% behind Boku no Hero and Shokugeki no Souma. I know, typical shounen stuff, but it’s well done.

Also I suspect Black Clover still sucks, but the last few chapters in the manga point at a way better potential story. Will it pull it off? No idea. But it’s like they just hit the secret of space.

Darling in the Franxx is to me totally great once you hit episode 13 and 14… and I liked 14 because I like stories more than everyone being happy… but some people think it’s teetering on the edge of failure right now. I totally disagree… but… anime people…

First episode of Golden Kamui had some weird things but I was into it. More into it than the first of the north star thing.

So far two episodes into the new Sword Art Online it’s actually not bad at all yet… it’s a lot closer to recovery of an MMO Junkie so far, but obviously that could change big time.


Macademia is great! I don’t know about the anime/later manga, but it felt like battles were decisive things. They were the climax to previous buildups rather than the whole upward climb, which made me enjoy it a lot.

Darling and the Franxxxxx started in the worst possible way, but it had those eva vibes that made me give it another shot, then after Episode 4 (iirc) they dial the fan service to almost nothing, leaving behind the eva goodness. That cockpit design is still unforgivable though.


Episode 1 of Wotaku has me really hopeful. The manga had been on my to-read pile for a while.

  • FLCL is being made by Production IG because the original FLCL was a collaboration between Gainax and Production IG, and this is pure conjecture but I am guessing that all the creative folks from Gainax are now at Trigger and IP rights issues might have made it difficult for Trigger to be in on it.

  • @rym if you can take a break from Overwatch to play Persona 3-4-5 you should, you would really dig them.

  • Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii looks like it will be good for two reasons. First, it is based on a josei manga about and aimed at adults and not teenage boys so perversion will almost certainly be low. Second, it is running on the Noitamina anime programming block which again skews toward an older and broader audience than 16-24 year old males. Also judging by the OP animation it has massive budget.

  • Darker Than Black is cool.

  • Golden Kamuy is the shit, my wife and I are both way into it and everyone should read or watch it.

  • Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai looks interesting to me because its chill romance like Scott said, but I am interested in seeing how they treat a western love interest which is pretty unusual. I’ve always wanted to see a show where a western character isn’t either handwaved as being half Japanese or made a stereotyped gag character. I am curious which way the show will go.

  • Uma-musume Pretty Derby is… actually kinda good? Nothing amazing art but its cute and silly.

  • Nil Adimirari no Tenbin - Its based on an otome-ge visual novel that looks REALLY PRETTY and has lots of pretty boys but might also have an interesting plot. Also Taisho-era was the late 1910’s to 1920’s, it was really short IRL because the emperor at the time was rather sickly.


Got around to watching Tada-kun wa koi wo Shinai and it’s definitely not going anywhere new with western characters. While it mostly avoids the western gag character stereotypes (she’s a bit of a weeb who learned Japanese watching Japanese period dramas but they don’t overplay it too much) it is definitely going the handwave route. It not a bad treatment but its just kinda boring.