Happy Birthday Thread

I find it interesting that Super Mario Bros is also 35 years old.

Happy birthday Fast Forward Moving Picture Experts Group!

Fabrice Ballard is a phenomenal developer.

Happy 20th, Wikipedia!

Is Wikipedia the best website? I think it is.

Good question. It’s way up there.

Happy Birthday to Martin Luther King Jr. and nobody else.

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Happy birthday, James. I will never forget staring at the back of your head for three hours during that reading of Night of the Iguana. Still got that hat you liked, too.

Happy Birthday to new NY Rangers defenseman K’Andre Miller.

It’s his 21st birthday today. On January 21, 2021. In the 21st century.


He’d score 21 goals tonight if we had a game! =(

Let’s get to 1 first.

“to 1”
“2 1”


15 mins 20 years!



Happy 72nd Birthday to perhaps the greatest living musician, Stevie Wonder.