General Tabletop RPG Thread


That’s cool because it means there will probably be an Android RPG.

It’s bad because it will be some garbage system.


As RPG systems go I like it better than most. It’s very custom-dice-centric but I already have the dice.


Finished a campaign of Fellowship this week. Although we had one or two too many players and one or two too few sessions, it was a good campaign of a good game.

In short Fellowship is Powered By the Apocalypse game about group of heroes from varying races and people group together to oppose evil Overlord. It’s one of those games with clear singular focus and basically everything in game is in service of that. So it’s not a game of endless possibilities, but I’d say it’s definitely worth playing at least once, probably even few times.


I’m honestly surprised that FFG hasn’t made an Android: Netrunner RPG before now.

The FFG Star Wars RPGs that use this dice system are actually pretty good. The Genesys system seems to just take the Star Wars system and make it generic.

The real question is whether FFG uses this system for the Legend of the Five Rings RPG that they haven’t announced yet, but EVERYONE knows is coming eventually.


I have a feeling the SW:RPG was a way to finance an in-house RPG that they could use for Android.

As for L5R… I’m kinda of torn, since a lot of the world mythos of L5R went into the RPG design. It could be done and give FFG another reason to release a different set of Dice.


RPGs are dumb and bad.


Yeah, for a con game, I want a stripped down Paranoia initiative system or at least one that I can explain incrementally across multiple combats. I also need to reminder players to be active, because passivity will just leave you out of the game if the other players are off being awesome.


My new game, BLACKOUT, is out!!!

In this Powered by the Apocalypse game, you play female Civil Defence volunteers during the London Blitz, fishing casualties out of wreckage, fighting fires, organizing teams, and generally dealing with hell breaking loose while fire rains from the sky!

The book is fully illustrated and full-colour, and its gonna look so dang good in physical form omg.


Does anyone here have any experience with Fiasco, or have a recommendation for another GM-less RPG? Unfortunately I’m the only one in my friend group willing to DM/GM, and I’m looking for something to play the weeks that I don’t have time to prepare or I’m just not feeling it. I did a bit of Googling and Fiasco is the name that kept coming up.


My local group has played it a few times. It’s fun, and more than a little wacky depending on the people playing the game, and comfort levels.


There’s a whole bunch right here from our very own OpenSketchbook. I’ve played a few, they’ve all been very good.


Fiasco is fantastic. Start with the more mundane playsets, such as the ones in the book, rather than leap directly into the weirder or high fantasy ones. Having the play mat to point at and the cheat sheet to reference is super helpful, too.


We just wrapped up session two of Torchbearer, and everyone’s still onboard. Fuck yeah!

Our party’s not doing spectacularly well in the fiction of the game—we’re all Exhausted from a major compromise during a Capture conflict and three of the five of us are Sick from Driving Off diseased Giant Rats—but we’ve got cash dice and some horses we rescued, enough that going to Town isn’t going to completely ruin us. We are doing a very good job of engaging the rules!




Our long, multiversal nightmare is over.


Does anyone have any experience with Storyteller/New World of Darkness? Any tips or advice for running it?


You no longer need to collect a specific set of magic items to be a balanced character, relying on specific magical statistic bonuses. Instead, you get all of the bonuses you need from your regular armor and weapons, allowing the rest of your items to be truly wondrous.

So no more mooks carrying +1 shortswords around everywhere once you hit level 8 or so? Where am I going to find +1 shortswords?


I am interested in some of the new features and less in others. We shall see. Not looking forward to 5 years of re-releasing Pathfinder 1e content.


The fact that they’re already advertising a 400-page book for the playtest—with deluxe, debossed, faux-leather option!—tells me all I need to know.