GeekNights Tuesday - The 40 Games You Must Play


Has anyone else played DDR Alpha? It’s nominally exclusive to Dave and Busters, but has some pretty good songs (a good mix of old songs from previous DDRs, American songs, anime stuff, and the now-obligatory Konami set of Touhou remixes (how many times am I going to play Bad Apple? Not enough)) and the arrows and such seem pretty even. Plus it’s the first NA-region game to support the eMusment cards.


Also, first of all, if you’re going to shit on pop, we’re gonna have a disagreement that’s gonna include the words “How is that different to generic techno/edm apart from the fact that you like it”?

Second of all, it’s just wrong - in the last three years alone, they’ve had Queen, Jamiroquai, Hyuna, Auli’i Cravalho, In the Hall of the mountain king, Brian Hiland, Psy, Hatsune Miku, Wanki Ni Mero Mero, Kenny Loggins, the fucking overture from Carmen you uncultured swine, Tomska, Andy(french artist), ABBA, Portugal The Man, Yemi Alade, The Weeknd, Maroon 5, Major Lazer, David Guetta, Weekend, Natoo, Sia, Calvin Harris, Wham!, The Chainsmokers, Barry Manilow, Ray Charles, Earth Wind and Fire, Nancy Sinatra, Chuck Berry, and plenty more. BigBang is planned for the 2019 edition, IIRC. And that’s just the US editions, there’s also special editions and international editions that expand that list much further. They might have started narrow, but they keep an impressive list.


Okay, I stand corrected. Every time I have ever seen it played it was, and I stand by this, crappo American pop, the Katy Perry’s and Arianne Grandes and Selena Gomez’s, the dime a dozen canned starlets marketed to 12 year old girls with all their songs written by Max Martin or Dr. Luke. Most of what you listed is not that.


The only way to settle this is to have a proper dance-off.


Never gonna make

A better dance game than DDR.

Dance Rush tho…


Best Riverdance game maybe, call me when you move your arms.


One or the other. Both simultaneously will offend the gods.


Joke’s on them, with all the exaggerated arm movements in Just Dance, we’re all exercised up to get our punch on.


Kicks do more damage and have longer reach than punches.


An MMA game in the style of a dance game is a fucking awful idea but I kinda want to see what would happen now.


Konami has you covered for that as well.


Kicks in many cases are saying “Hello, please take my foot, and by extension the attached leg. Do whatever you like with it. I don’t mind.”


Thinking about that sovereign citizen with the judge, he made an awful word choice: Individual.

In - you can’t
Divi - divide
Dual - into two

Edit: My attempt at 40 games:

Apocalypse World, Backgammon, Bubble Bobble, Carcasonne, Chess, Civilisation, Counterstrike, Cricket, Dance Dance Revolution, Dobble, Dominion, Dungeons and Dragons, An Escape Room, Field hockey, Final Fantasy 7, Five Nights at Freddy’s, FTL, Hearthstone, Hide and Seek, Inheritance, King of Tokyo, Kings Quest 6, Mario Galaxy, Mario World, Mariokart Wii, Microscope, Minecraft, Mouse Guard, Pool, Portal, Puerto Rico, Sim City, The Simpsons (Beat 'em up), Street Fighter 2, Super Metroid, Tennis, Tigris and Euphrates, Warcraft 3, Wizard, Zelda Breath of the Wild


For RPG, I would put Dungeon and Dragons 5th Edition on the list. Dungeon and Dragons is the pop-culture iconic RPG . While 5th Edition dose a great job of capturing the spirit of the older editions, while giving a more streamline experience with modern rules.



So what this episode and panel really are about is “40 Games you should have played when you had the chance in the past if you’re the same age as us with the same upbringing, but if you didn’t play them in the past then good luck or whatever”?


any game on the list has to consider the cost vs its representativeness of the category. That includes the price of the game, the time to learn, and opportunities to play it.

So even though I personally prefer chess, I recommend checkers for the perfect information, zero randomness category. It has a complex enough decision tree to be an interesting game for years, has simpler mechanics to learn, is easier to find opponents, and it is free if you already have backgammon.

Other categories and games that I think meet this criteria and haven’t been discussed yet. Indirect test of strength: 1-mile footrace. Direct test of strength: wrestling. Team sport: basketball (or soccer outside of USA). table sport: fooseball.


I know it seems that way, but remember. We grew up when games grew up. It’s just a coincidence.

If someone did “movies you must see” who happened to be born in the '30s you could level the same accusations against them even though someone born in another era would make many similar choices.

Even someone born in 3050 could not deny Doom, Mario, Zelda, Super Metroid, etc.any more than they could deny CItizen Kane or 7 Samurai.


But you are taking the wrong message from my criticism. I’m not saying this list isn’t a solid list of games that make a person a well-rounded player of games, but that as a list it isn’t useful to anyone who didn’t play those games as they came out over a 30 year period.

A list of must-see movies that is 40 movies long is SUPER useful. For a start, it’s the kind of project you yourself did with Netflix. Wasn’t it the top 100 movies on IMBd? But for that project you needed one service for a fixed price that sent you the media on one kind of disc in one format that you could play in one device you already owned in your home.

And if the list if 40 movies, you could do that easily in a year, not even having to watch one movie per week to finish off the project. If movies last an average of two and a bit hours, the whole thing could take about 100 hours. You could finish it in a week.

But with computer games, they don’t all come from one service and played on one device for a set cost and a (near enough) set amount of time.

Playing JUST Breathe of the Wild, to get the full experience of the game, is minimum 20 or 30 hours. That was a guess, but I just looked it up:

Single-Player Main Story
Polled 538
Average 46h 56m
Median 45h 22m
Rushed 26h 38m
Leisure 63h 27m

Right, so one game is 46 hours. And now there are 39 more games.

How long does it take to get good enough at DDR to be able to learn the lesson of playing “a game that plays you”? You’ve both complained on the podcast many times that you get the itch for DDR, but there aren’t arcades easy to get to, and you had to learn soldering to build a mat, or had to keep buying them because they broke too often, etc, etc, etc.

How useful is it to list DDR as a game someone should play? Play for how long? For how much? In an arcade? At home with mats?

How long to grok first person shooters? Is playing through Portal enough? Half Life 2 enough? Do I need to get involved with a ranked multiplayer game like Counterstrike or PUBG? How long “must” these games be played to become a player of games, and how easy is it begin to play them?

I’m pointing out that your list of games doesn’t match up with the proposed title of the panel, and so the panel feels like a cheat, or isn’t helpful. It comes across as a bit boastful, about how long you spent on each game and how well you know it, or how you got in at the right level to be able to have the full experience of playing the first Zelda game or whatever.

If the title was “The 30 Most Formative Video Games of the Last 30 Years” and you explained how they were important to you in becoming a well-rounded player of games, then that is actually what the panel is. I would go to that panel and be satisfied, and not annoyed that I’m being told to spend 400 hours on Counterstrike when I’m no longer a college student with unlimited time.

Maybe the panel could have a subtitle like “Missed them the first time round? Here’s what you can play now to get the same experience as growing up playing games in the 80’s and 90’s.”

Of course, all I’m really asking is for you or Rym to acknowledge the broad point of my criticism of this panel idea and its title, and not dismiss it all with a single comment about a literal technicality about playing Doom, which happened to be an example I picked because you YOURSELF asked Rym if he could get Doom running on a modern PC using Dosbox or whatever.


I don’t like this panel idea either, but for other reasons. I think it is an uncreative lazy meh clickbait style idea that doesn’t have much to say. Also, it’s Rym’s idea.

That being said, the fact that games may take a long time to play or are difficult to obtain doesn’t change the recommendation. To bring it back to movies I still recommend that people go and watch the real original Star Wars trilogy, and not some special edition. The fact that in order to see it people have to jump through some hoops like learning about harmys, bittorrent, laserdiscs, etc. does not change my recommendation.