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Not strictly one of your reviews, but this seems like the closest vaguely appropriate thread. After hearing you guys talk about Tigris and Euphrates a fair bit over the years, and wanting to play it but it being horribly out of print, I grabbed a copy the second I saw the FFG reprint in a game shop. I then promptly failed to get it on the table for well over a year.

I’m going to be sneaking it in to a board game session tomorrow so I thought I should probably actually get around to learning the rules. I was feeling pretty lazy though so I did a YouTube search for it and your Teach and Play video was one of the first few results presented to me.

I watched all 97 minutes (and flicked through the rulebook afterwards to cement a few things). Thanks for the entertaining and informative video, it’s a much more civilised way to learn to play a game. :slight_smile: