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I recently started playing the 2018 Amazing Spider-man game. I am still very early in the story, but after some initial hurdles I must say that the game “feels” really good. It is basically what Arkham did for Batman as the game makes you feel like you are actually playing like Spider-man. The open-world, high elevation point and traversing of the terrain is also very enjoyable, and the combat that is very much about rhythm and maneuvering is also well executed.

I also like the story which isn’t hung up on an origin event and actually starts in-medias-res with Spider-man an established part of New York, Peter in college with a job and apartment, and an interesting selection of secondary characters. It is definitely early in Spider-man’s career but not everything already set in stone and I am interested in what direction the story will develop.

The game does have a couple of negatives though. In addition to a rather steep learning curve with a lot of mechanics thrown at you very early on, some boss battles feel a bit weird and you are unsure what to do or when to act, and that the game feels a bit hectic with constant barrages and reminders of doing certain story missions or random events. It also feels a bit too much “copaganda” as you are literally helping the police build up a surveillance network.


What a timing. I’ve been played through the Spider-Man’s story over the weekend and doing the DLCs now. By the end of the story I was wondering for moment, if I was getting tired of the game and the open-world Manhattan map, but decided that I wasn’t, and bought the Miles Morales game so I can jump into that after I’m done with the DLC story.

So I’ve been playing Mech Arena on my Android. Mostly as a way of being able to buy Manhwa on Webtoon. It’s got a similar charm to overwatch, however I find it easier to play with the mobile control scheme.

I have severe issues with their pricing scheme. Definitely, past a certain point, it is pay to win. However I was able to get about two weeks worth of Manwha our of the process.

Here’s a link if you want to try it out.

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I was late coming to the Switch but it has taken over as my main method for playing video games. Monster Train First Class is fantastic. I started it because it gave me the same feel that Slay the Spire did, but this game is even better.
Also Gloomhaven for the Switch is very well done but what a time-suck.