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Every board game is -potentially- a TTRPG.


A games genre is a property of the game itself. Are you saying if I play Monopoly and decide to tell stories between turns that it somehow morphs and becomes a different game even though no rules have been changed?


If that’s the rule you make, that you role-play between turns by the pedantic math-y games-are-the-rules-that-make-them definition of a game then yes.


Does someone smell sandwiches?


I was going to remind @apreche I am the ultimate chaos of sandwich definition.


It’s not a rule of the game. Nobody is forced to role play. It has no effect on the game state or the game outcome. It’s just a thing we do.

Brick for wood? I use cave man voice while I eat sheep. Ook Ook.


I remember the last time I tried to play D&D at a PAX.

I came in expecting to role play. They put us in a dungeon to fight some monsters, and then fight some different monsters. Zero non-dice-interaction of any kind. The other players had might as well have been bots.


Have you heard of freeform? Tabletop roleplaying without any rules. By your definitions that would be impossible. And still it isn’t. We humans are not machines, we don’t need strict algorithms to work and that goes to our games too.


Ya know what you should add to some of your panels, if it’s not already there. Ya know what Gary Gygax was playin’ while he was writing the OG D&D?

War games.

The Alan Turing of dnd is some grognard war game. The Seymoure Crey was dnd 1.0

You can still see the last vestiges with it’s grid and ranges and projectiles and armour values. On and on it goes.


Convention D&D is admittedly like the worst D&D anyway. Same deal with those local gamestore “D&D adventures” or whatever. “I” personally could run a great D&D one-shot, and friends of mine have as well, but the entire meta-goal around that sort of thing is just generally trying to solve the wrong problems with the wrong tools.


This wasn’t even like “the evil wizard give his speech before you kill him.”

This was literally just killing guys, then killing guys. No reason to kill them. Nothing. It wasn’t even the thinnest layer of anything.


“non-weapon proficiencies”


Oh I am aware. Guess what? That’s super intentional. They want it to be locked down. They want to remove the “variable” of the GM and much of the player.


I mean though, Imagine Rym’s con dnd scenario but with the twist that instead of playing dnd, they’re playing some grognard war game.

Then you’d probably be happy there were no speeches, no bullshit getting in the way of digging through the binder for the armour value of a tank against small arms battalion fire.

That’s what some people want, they want the wargame embedded in the rpg. Some would even argue that that’s most of it, (I mean look how much of the character sheet is devoted to… (preaching to the choir))

Whatever, let people enjoy their games however they want.


My experience with Starfinder/Pathfinder is that it’s very task orientated. "Go here. Mess with things until you get that “Wait, What?” moment and then have your big set piece encounter with the boss.

However, If you have the chance to run in the Starfinder episode “Starsugar Heartlove” I highly recommend it. It’s much more lighthearted and goofy, which leads to better roleplay than grimdark series.


I haven’t played DnD or Pathfinder in almost a decade. At this point, I really just consider them very customizable board games.


Hence, I’ll skip cutscenes in a lot of games.


So I’ve put a few hours into Apex. I’m enjoying it. Skins are overpriced, but that just means I won’t bother with them. The game seemed a little opaque at first, all these weapon mods, some weapons are absolutely better/worse, didn’t know the ropes, thought the closing circle was instant death, etc. It’s nice that it’s so fast when you fail, but still pretty epic when you win. It could definitely use some practice mode/tutorial/firing range etc.


It does have basic tutorial with firing range that you have to go in the first time you launch the game. Though it would be nice to have access to that firing range bit without having to go through all the tutorial bits that come before picking up a gun and shooting it.

And it doesn’t explain too much about basic concepts of the genre, like the circle and such, probably assuming that at this point everyone knows what’s up.


Yeah, I felt that was missing several things. It didn’t take you through weapon mods, equipment, inventory management, gliding/flight, or let you test other characters.