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If you told me, I don’t remember. I remembered it because I had a flyer for it from the Megaboof.


That game gets stupidly hard at the last third or so.


Had a couple of 4-day weekends over the holidays, so I finally logged in to try out Rust.

And hoooooly crap I got sucked in hardcore. I love how open-ended it is, and how the various systems within the game interact with each other in ways that are pretty easy to explain/learn, but still have a lot of nuance. And the intense PvP, something I anticipated as solely a source of angst and frustration, has turned out to be one of my favorite aspects of the game, as it constantly forces me to think strategically, plan carefully, and execute everything with a sense of focus and urgency.

On top of all that, it’s also fulfilling a deep, kid-like desire to build and defend forts, set traps, and scout around in a hostile, danger-filled wilderness.


Felt like playing some simple brainless action few nights ago. Looking through my list on endless unplayed games on Steam my eyes got caught by Serious Sams. Some good old 90 fps action was perfect for my mood.

Sadly good is not a word to describe Serious Sam: The First Encounter. That game is garbage. Annoying enemy wave after enemy wave after enemy wave. Take a step, enemy wave. Pick up item, enemy wave. Pick up item while taking a step, two enemy waves at once. Doom liked to do the thing where you pick up an item, or go somewhere and enemies appear, but Sam takes it to another level.

The game is such a drag now, that I feel like skipping finishing it and moving on to something more playable.


Serious Sam 1 didn’t age well if you ask me. Repetitive square-shaped arenas don’t offer much after a couple of hours. The Second Encounter benefits from more creative level design. There’s a couple of really cool ideas in there involving gravity and movement, although the HD remake couldn’t code it in right so it was partially scrapped.


Went back to playing Diablo 3. Was wanting some mindless fun. I didn’t realize Blizzard was still releasing content for the game. And it’s all been free stuff too. So I’ve been pissing about through the extra zones and dungeons. Just this week a Diablo 1 dungeon came out. Blizzard did this retro pixalted filter to it. Which I’m not a fan of but who am I to complain extra free content.


There’s a new Binding of Issac expansion, so I’ve been all over that recently.


I just recently finished the story for FFXV. Overall, a good game, but hate that the narrative eventually made the game feel like a tedious chore just to complete the story. There’s a few things that I want to go back to, like finishing up some sidequests, hunts, etc., but not right away. Planning on working towards a video review of it as a side project.

Recently started up the new Ratchet and Clank. Didn’t get too far into it, but seems enjoyable. Aside from that, been playing Destiny with some friends to get raids completed and also playing Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse on my 3DS. Really loving that game and planning on checking out more titles in the series.


Been playing a lot of Vermintide, its not a particularly amazing game but I enjoy its oddities. It’s a shame neither dlc added much in way of story.


Managed to actually finish a couple games this weekend. Finally beat the campaign for OG Starcraft and also beat Uncharted: Golden Abyss. The former is still a great experience barring a couple frustrating bits, the latter is a frustrating experience with no real redeeming qualities at all. Definitely shows how crappy outsourced games tend to be.


I started the new Final Fantasy. It is… weird. But kinda interesting. It’s sort of a mess though.


VA-11 Hall-A was really sweet, defenitely going to play through it again later for the other endings. :slight_smile:


Pop’n Music, because I’d never played it before. Game’s pretty legit.

Also about 6-7 hours of Sound Voltex at the arcade last month. I wish the DJ Hero controller felt as good as the button/knob setup for SDVX, because I can actually play that at home.


[quote=“MATATAT, post:31, topic:127, full:true”]
I started the new Final Fantasy. It is… weird. But kinda interesting. It’s sort of a mess though.
[/quote]The sensuous buttery lustre of that toast is beyond compare.


PopnMusic is something I have hated from the day I was born.


Are you fine with Beatmania, though? cus they’re basically the same, gameplay-wise.


I’m glad Round 1 has that Rhythm Heaven arcade. It’s the only rhythm game I’ll ever need.


I’ll clarify.

All games that amount to “hit the buttons on a generic controller as targets fall from above” offend my sensibilities. At least pretend it’s an analogue to a “real” activity. DDR pretends to be dancing, and you actually have to move. Guitar Hero pretends to be a guitar, and the control surface is an analogue to that.

But Popns?

You’re just training to be popn music guy.

I assume we’ve told the story of popn music guy on the show before…


Not in the 11 years I’ve been listening.


I haven’t heard the story since I only just started listening a couple of years ago.

I demand a repeat if you have told it before!