Ethical Consumption (Under Capitalism)

Surprised nobody’s mentioned ending beef subsidies. I agree with scott that banning advertising is a better bet, but ending subsidies would be even easier, though it’d have a lesser effect as it doesn’t change demand, just allows the price to be the real price.

I didn’t realize there were subsidies. Yes, absolutely those should go.

Oh yeah, subsidies are a major issue. In food, they primarily go to the most profitable foods, like beef, corn, soy, and such.

I knew corn, I just didn’t know beef.

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Oh yeah, I’ve been saying we should end all meat subsidies at least since I stopped eating meat.

Looks like there was 9 billion and change in 2020 (and these things are redone every 5 years), so it’ll be about that amount every year until 2025, (unless I misunderstand, I haven’t looked at these since the last agri bill in 2014)

I’ve always thought a decent idea would be pass a bill for 10 years, with the total subsidies dropping by 10% every year. A slow phaseout of subsidies. The problem generally just goes back to lobbying and such.

I agree with the contents of the shoplifting video. However, check this out.

New York just busted an organized shoplifting ring. 40+ people who all worked together to shoplift luxury goods, sell them on eBay, and share the wealth. I certainly don’t think this is common, nor should it change our approach to dealing with individual shoplifters. But if someone has an entire organized shoplifting enterprise, then ok, I will support criminal prosecution of that.

These principles should be mandatory.