Cover Songs

I have a few.

I don’t necessarily think this is better than Bobbie Gentry’s version but do hold it far above Reba’s.

I do like this one better.

This one is just better.


Just started listening to Billie Eilish but this version has me tickled pink

Complete sacrilege but I love it


I have a whole Spotify playlist chronicling these, although I wouldn’t stand by every last track here as better than the original.

Some highlights:

I’m not sure how to explain the sheer amount of BALLS it takes to cover this Hendrix tune in particular but Gary Clark Jr had em and knocked it out of the fucking park.

And while the British Invasion was largely marked by hollow empty imitations of the blues they had some stellar cuts if you look past the careers of Yardbirds alums.

I’m still vaguely surprised Bruce didn’t write this so very Bruce song.

This one actually sparked interest in Gary US Bonds, the original artist. Bruce and Steve produced his comeback albums.

and those albums produced this amazingly strange Bob Dylan cover

I’ll commit some heresey too.

This song became something of a standard but Shakey’s cover is REALLY hard to top

And this one isn’t on YouTube but it’s great

I have a lot more but between the length of this post and the fact that the best ones aren’t on YouTube due to copywrite restrictions I think I’m gonna call it here for now.


The Waits original is better IMO, but I am also not much of a Springsteen fan so I may be biased.

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Sincerely curious why you feel that since the Waits fandom is largely of the mind that it was a very good paycheck. I’m always gonna prefer the Bruce version but that’s just because Danny Federicci didn’t get to play accordion enough and this is one of those rare moments.

Unsure how I forgot this one. I love the original by Cosmo Sheldrake but just think Pentatonix’s sounds a bit better. Also, I think @SkeleRym would enjoy Cosmo Sheldrake’s music, especially the one linked above.

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I purposely avoided accapella covers of songs, I have a Spotify playlist of several thousand songs, 284hours worth.

It’s my jam.

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This dropped and I don’t think I payed much attention to the song in previous incarnations. Other than being aware of it enough to recognize it. But this cover does it for me on the whole.

Also here’s a cover of This Must Be the Place with a music video that covers American Psycho.

I hate to say this is better than the original because, well, no. But I admit I do enjoy this one more when it comes up.

Well, well, well.

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I agree with all of those, except for Jeff Buckley, I will fight over that one.

So this cannot be better than the original. But then why am I listening to it multiple times?

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Not necessarily better than the original but I can’t stop listening to this cover.

This one took me by surprise, though shouldn’t’ve.


I’m actually surprised I didn’t see this one here, altough it might have been me scrolling too quickly

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Im not big on most of the new Metallica cover project but yeah Rina fucking crushed it.

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Ok well looking into it this is also sick:


A jazz cover of Fiddler On the Roof has no business being this damn good, but holy cow does Cannonball Adderley make this his:

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Posting skatune is almost cheating, there are so many great ones that fit here.