Book Club - Dune by Frank Herbert


Tomorrow’s the last chance for Dune Box from CBG19. The plan is to stream the discussions on Twitch once the books are delivered. #duneclub


I genuinely thought about doing this but instead picked up on kindle. I’m now a quarter or so through the book and will be finished and started on something else by the time the bookclub comes out.


I’ve decided to go the audiobook route this go around. I found a couple different recordings, and went with one recorded in 2015; it’s very well done and has multiple voice actors. It’s right around 21 hours and I just passed the halfway point.

Edit: I just tried to use the expanding​ spoiler tag, and it worked in the preview but not in the actual post.


If they have a version with Kyle McLaughlan I might listen to that.


Actually, that version has Scott Brick who I really enjoy. Dunno about the others though. He did Jurassic Park and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep which were both good performances.

Edit: oh and Simon Vance. He did one of the Dragon Tattoo books and that was a good performance too. I might need to listen to that.


I appeared on a podcast with Simon Vance and we talked for a bit about the Dune audiobook. I can’t remember everything we said, but he clarified the weird switching between full cast audio and single narrator audio in Dune.


I might check out his version of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. I’ve been wanting to read it in preparation of Blade Runner 2049.


I listened to that audiobook. The biggest problem I had was Baron Harkonnen. The actor played him as this cool menacing big bad but the narrator portrayed him as this hobbledy-bobbledy oaf. It was really good aside from that.


Yeah do it. It’s a great audiobook and a great book. The book is VERY different from the movie though. There are some commonalities but not many. Mostly a handful of characters.


My Dune Box arrived.

If you’re interested in Comic Book Girl 19’s guided Dune experience, the first discussion will be Sunday 9 July and covers the first 59 pages of the mass market paperback. No big deal if you don’t watch these live on Twitch; all twelve discussions be archived and made available.

Wrapping up at the end of September, will #duneclub conclude before GeekNights’s Book Club review?


GeekNights book club will almost definitely be two weeks from this Thursday.


It’s weird how many of the big secrets I already knew from popular nerd culture and the board game. The details and nuances are actually a lot simpler than I might have expected had I never actually read the book.



My father named me Duncan after Duncan Idaho because he was reading Dune while my mother was pregnant. I was really confused by this after only reading the first book. Then I read the rest. Also I carried on the tradition of naming children after characters of books you are reading when your wife is pregnant and named my son Roland after the main character from the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. Highly recommend that series. Like real high.


Comic Book Girl 19’s Dune Club wrapped up! This is a dozen 20-30 minute lectures discussing the book and also a dozen much longer, 1-2 hour long live Q&A sessions with submitted questions from her Patreon and Twitch chat.

The lectures are great! The Q&A is a lot more freeform and wandering, but the early ones cover a lot of the backstory of the Dune universe. #duneclub


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