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Contact your local voting registrar’s office.


False alarm, as is usually the case when I discover an error in something bigger than me, I’m the one who made the error, not my state. My polling place is also the name of a nearby town, and I was clicked on the ballot for the nearby town, not the polling place in my town that shares a name with that district.

Also fun fact, when I did get the right ballots on my screen there were several of them for this one polling place indicating that. Yes, they do have a few and hand them out depending on the address of the person snowing up’s address.


I’m an election official in the state of Virginia, so technically I don’t know what’s going on for you, but here’s how it works down here.

We break everything here down by voting precinct. So while it’s possible for a person’s geographic location to put them in different districts from someone that’s for example across the street, those 2 locations would technically also be in different voting precincts with different polling places. We only have one ballot per place…well technically 2, there’s a federal only ballot, but I’ve never actually seen one used.


In NYC it’s so dense that we’ll have two districts in one polling place commonly.


It seems like it works similarly here, as the ballots all have a bunch of senate, and probate and what not districts listed but also each have voting districts on them. I can guarantee that the voting district is what we check before handing out ballots, but there’s definitely at least a few voting districts in one building. I mean, looking at the map. My voting place isn’t even in my senate district. People across the street from the school, have a different ballot than me but presumably have the same polling place.


My polling site has at least six different district combinations. After nine years I’ve memorized which table is mine. Same poll workers sitting there every time. If they redo the gerrymander I’ll have to learn it again. :slightly_frowning_face:


In a repeat of Summer, I’ve again volunteered for the polls.
With only two hours before closing, we’ve surpassed our previous election, and we have far more provisional and VBM ballots.

I have a good feeling…


My stress level over the course of the evening


So they’re calling it for Ted Cruz but its 49/51 with only half the precincts reporting? What is this malarkey?



EDIT: Also this page. (Play with it for more specified results.)

EDIT: The number has gone up to 47 since I made this post.


Florida managed to Florida it all up once again. Trump Jr. got the governorship and Cousin Itt got the senate seat.


Yeah, about Florida…


The race I’m retroactively most fascinated by:


As is tradition.

I hope it happens and goes in favor of Nelson, but the person in charge of recounts is a republican and was appointed by Scott, so…


In today’s big yikes news - Bernie Sanders: “I think you know there are a lot of white folks out there who are not necessarily racist who felt uncomfortable for the first time in their lives about whether or not they wanted to vote for an African-American.”

On what goatfucking, ass-backwards planet is being uncomfortable voting for someone because of the colour of their skin not racist?

Also, as pointed out by Legal Analyst and co-host of the Boom! Lawyered podcast, Imani Gandy, this also really seems like a preemptive attack on both Harris and Booker, one or both of whom he’ll be facing in the primaries, assuming his 2020 ambitions are carried through.


Christ that guy is old. 77 today will be 79 in 2020 when he’s campaigning. He’s a spry old man.


Well, I’m pretty sure that he does yoga, to limber up for all the bending over backwards to excuse shit that he’s been doing lately.


You’d think Bernie would be a bit more sensitive to the issue, given that he’s Jewish.


While I agree a lot with Bernie on policy and philosophical grounds, he’s still a politician, and reading the quote out of context it reads to me like he’s doing the politician two-step of calling out racist voters without explicitly calling them racist because he still probably wants to take another run at the White House and doesn’t want to alienate voters.