4X eXtravaganza - eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate

Same, I picked up Doom 2016 in 2017 and thoroughly enjoyed it and thought the 20 I paid was appropriate for the length of the game. I happily look forward to Doom Eternal sometime next year.

major DLC like federations and Megacorp add a ton and smaller story dlcs are worth. Id skip over lithiods and the racial art pack unless you really want those things.

You might say Not Even Doom Music is enough to get you to buy it?

Stellaris is bewilderingly complex.

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It’s definitely pushing into "I can’t keep track of everything " territory!

Hey if you guys have specific stellaris mechanic questions I can help. A lot of things have been changed/diversified over time and so it might be a little overwhelming for a new player, even with just the base game.

My tip for learning as a new player is to choose the gestalt consciousness as a have race or machine intelligence as you’ll not have to worry about faction politics and both of those civic authority types have simpler economies as well.



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Really pumped for Humankind, I thik Civ6 moved the series forward in a lot of ways with the city mechanics and tweaks to newer (civ 4 and civ5) systems, but I also find myself able to largely play similarly game to game only tweaking behavior based on leader because of some of the design changes that made certain types of terrain paramount, but the actual resources themselves less differentiated. I really do miss the unqiue buildings and really different yields that Civ 5 had for luxury and bonus resources and how having or not having them shaped your cities and play.

The terrain focus for Humankind really has me excited and I think the culture buff/ability mechanics changing over the ages will me a more successful implementation of what Civ6 was shooting for with its civic card selections.


Yeah, Humankind is looking really good so far and I’m excited about it. But even more so, I’m looking forward to Amplitude taking what they’ve done with Humankind and applying it to their other 4X games, Endless Legends and Endless Space.

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I am also on the Humankind Hypetrain! Civ hasn’t been very compelling for me, but the Endless games really drive home interesting stories and games imo.

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Not to take anything away from Humankind’s music, it’s great and I love how they’re incorporating historical and culturally specific instruments, but it makes me realize just how amazing Baba Yetu, Civ IV’s theme, really is. It’s hard to compete with the first video game musical piece to ever win a Grammy award.


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sounds cool


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4X CK2 … okay, I’ll check it out

So Civ team had a video announcing a subscription pass for a bunch of CIV 6 DLC coming out over the year. Somewhat interested as I would probably eventually end up buying all of this stuff anyway. The first video for content dropped for Maya civ returning and I gotta say love the new civ mechanics. Really opens up any location for Tall play between the unique science district mechanics and the housing unique civ feature.


We’ve been playing a lot of live Civ games, and it’s been a good time. Civ VI shines in multiplayer.

Sadly multiplayer is the thing I have the least experience with in CIV, all of my friends who casually play it are too casual (take too long, don’t want short turn timers) and the few times I tried internet rando multiplayer in civ 5 made me dissuaded from trying in civ 6. maybe I’ll give it another go.

We have several Civ V threads, but no Civ VI thread, so I guess this goes here.


That sounds interesting. I feel that tech trees is one of the biggest things I have issues with when trying to get in 4X games. So much of it feels like I should know at turn 1 what I want out of turn 100, have a plan to follow through. And in way that’s all decisions in 4X game, but tech trees feel specially weighty.

Putting it other way, generally most things require tech research in 4X games, so tech tree has all the mechanics of the game in it, and player has to pick and choose and know what to take out of there and put in the game. And in way stuff outside of tech tree is just smaller subset of stuff in the whole tree.


I feel this too. Complex tech trees are, quite honestly, not different from points-based MMO builds - the difference in a 4X game is what you have to do to get the points to level up that tree.

I believe this leads me to conclude that Diablo II is a 4X game.

This might be my new “a Poptart is a sandwich” argument.