Work Persona

While I have a very public life as the host of GeekNights, I also have a very public life in my day job. For every PAX panel I do, I’ve probably done five or six professional ones at various industry events. There is definitely a different context, and I often have to adapt my behavior to the world of work compared to how I might present more naturally otherwise.

It’s rare that these events are public. But someone shared a photo of my most recent professional panel that wasn’t related to gaming!

I was curious, so I dug around and there is ONE panel I was on that is actually legally publicly available! This is from a different employer a few years back:

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I forget your name is also Brandon constantly and just missed you being in Portland, OR for something a while ago. (Though think back now, you may have been listed as Rym on that one.)

The biggest difference between my work person and my out of work person is my voice, there’s something about taking any call that drives my voice like a whole register higher. To the point where people have been taken aback when I speak to them normally. Luckily I work for a company that lets me still rock the aging ex-punk look I have going on. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Rym’s pose on that modernist sofa chair communicates nonchalant business.