Will AI Destroy Us?


There’s no headroom in Puerto Rico to cause players to break by going faster.


It doesn’t break the player, it changes the game.


Specifically, it completely changes the heuristics available to the players. You are testing a fundamentally different skill in blitz/bullet chess.

Like sprinting.


They mostly stop playing Puerto Rico. :wink:


Sometimes I think “if the clever people who are so good at chess put their time and energy and thought into something else, how much good could they do for the world?”

But the truth is they probably aren’t good at other things. The mind to be a chess grand master is probably useless at other things. If it were good at things that would benefit the world, they would probably be doing that.

The mind that becomes a grand master at chess is one that is excited and motivated by a useless, artificial, not particularly fun or interesting set of arbitrary rules, and mastering the outcomes.


Along these lines…

I’m getting great enjoyment from the progress of the championship despite it being pointless.


FRCC chess AI tournament.


Chess is done…




Remember that any modern Chess AI can beat both of them easily.


What does it mean for an AI to beat a human ‘easily’? :thinking:


After 12 consecutive draws, he goes 3-0?

Seems Carlsen was playing for overtime. Explains the weird draw in game 12.


Any human, no matter how skilled, draws at best (and mostly just loses) to the AIs.

When was the last time you saw a high profile human vs AI tournament?

It doesn’t happen because the AIs always just win.

The rare times humans do well are heavily handicapped in the humans’ favor. Things like giving them better pieces, letting them pick the opening, etc… And even then the humans are more likely to lose than win.


The pot is split more evenly if it goes to overtime…


I’m having fun with you, I’m well aware that the last time a human beat a computer meaningfully was Kasperov in the 80s. I fully agree that high level chess these days is computers doing computer things.

I’m making fun of how you appear to be saying AI’s don’t break a sweat playing humans, as though they somehow expend effort at other times. :wink:


It just so happens, that in addition to being the best player of true chess, he’s also the best player of instinct chess as of 2017 anyway.


What do you mean by competitive? Like Kipchoge isn’t winning the Olympic 200, but dude is crazy fast at any distance.


Well, only if their coolant leaks. :wink:

But more to the point, a decade ago a chess program ran on a fucking cell phone and got a for-real Grandmaster rank. So it’s pretty easy at this point


Oh absolutely. This was an issue at a recent tournament… Recent being last few years. A grand master was disqualified for going to the bathroom and using a chess computer on his phone. I completely agree with chess today as a human being, being (lol) basically the same as anything at all is like in the Culture.

Mangnus Carlson is like Gurgeh, the best non machine at a game.

Edit: Lol, when looking for the guy I was talking about, I found a different guy doing the same thing but better.


Morse code on the phone that’s off not good enough to avoid being caught eh?

How about I get a very very small vibrating thing implanted somewhere in my body that I can feel, but nobody else can, and won’t show up without an X-Ray or something. Needs to be too small for metal detector. Then I can cheat at every turn based game!

I’ll lose at fast modes, though. Another good reason to play fast mode!