Why People Think Rym and Scott Are Gay

I feel we must bring one of the more infamous Forum in jokes to the new Forum. If anyone has that clip show Eryn made back in the day, posting it here would be most appreciated. Old thread here:

All I’m sayin’ is that nobody is 100% heterosexual. :wink:


I am. Insert flag of the confederate sates of america here. \s

I thought that was true of women, but that the study you were referencing found a significant group of men actually were straight. It is worth noting that some posit that women have been trained via media’s bombardment of “scantily clad women = sexy” rather than this many women being innately bisexual to some degree.


Insert that flag where exactly?

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What what...
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Scott is Moby and Rym is Gwen


It’s not my best work, but if it is being requested:wink:


I had forgotten about the Aeron chair opening bit, that was some top shelf Geeknights. :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

That is an audio classic that will live in fame for eternity, because the internet never forgets.

[quote=“Josh, post:7, topic:367, full:true”]
Scott is Moby and Rym is Gwen
[/quote]Please let me be Moby in my next life.

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[quote=“Apreche, post:11, topic:367”]
Please let me be Moby in my next life.
[/quote]Certainly got the hairstyle for it.

When Rym and Scott are spooning. Who do you all think is the little spoon? Rym is slightly taller but I get the impression he would prefer being little spoon.

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