Which logo do you like best?


Related. The nazi leadership had really awesome coats. Watch Inglorious Bastards and tell me Hans Landa in that first scene doesn’t look great. Like anime twitter icons and the swastica itself. Amazing, leather, double breasted trench coats are out forever, because actual nazis used them. Fuck nazis.



I actually have a few coats from the Soviet Union but without any iconography. When there’s a blizzard out there, I need a Bulgarian officer’s dress coat.

I also picked up some East German memorabilia when I was in Germany, because they’re dirt cheap over there, but I treat them as artifacts not accessories.



I’m thinking I’ll need to make more color variations on the design.

The thing is, the anti-fascists ARE angry. The intent is often too bring violence to the Nazis/proto-nazis and make them afraid to come out in the open. Hence the black and red.

It’s also, as mentioned earlier, to take iconography away from the Nazis and their ilk.

That said, it’s plausible too come up with a design not using those colors. However, going full hippie-carebear lacks a certain message of grim, “fuck-you” level of resistance.



Okay, so I have several to look at and I want opinions:
First is a redesign of one of the earlier logos that I feel was the strongest. The blue of the flag is darker and the stripes were retooled.

Then I started messing around with the opposite color ideas that were suggested, and tried to go with themes more strongly representing the USA. It’s not great, but it was a starting point. I like the green and buff colors, but the red just wasn’t doing it for me, and the obviousness of Cap’s shield wouldn’t fly, obviously.

My next idea, I went back to the original Antifa flag, the larger red one, and used that shape as a basis for a flag, while keeping the ring and lettering and some of the Captain America shield theme. I also played around with the dual-flag concept that is in a lot of the Antifa imagery:



Adam, I want to start out by saying that I admire and respect what you’re trying to do here. (You know there’s a BUT coming…)

BUT, that being said, why are you doing this? What are you going to use this logo for?

If it’s just for Facebook, first, the logo next to your FB name is too small to make out any of the fine details. People won’t be able to read American Anti-Fascist because the image is too small. Looking at your current FB profile pic, even with the color difference, I can barely make out the separation between the red anti-fascist flag and the smaller US flag under it.

Second, and this is just my opinion so take that for what it’s worth, but what does changing your FB profile picture accomplish? Especially when it’s so small that no one can make out the details anyway? Again, this is just my opinion, but I’ve always found it pointless when people change their FB profile pictures to support one cause or another. It doesn’t change anything; it doesn’t affect anything.

Previously, your FB profile image was a safety pin. Honestly speaking, what did that accomplish other than make you feel good? If that’s all your purpose in this, fine, more power to you, but you changing your profile image to a safety pin, or changing it to some anti-fascist logo that no one can read any way, does nothing, again only in my opinion. People who are also anti-Trump/anti-fascist are going to agree with what you write and post on FB because they agree with what you say. People who like Trump aren’t going to suddenly change their opinions and “see the light” just because of your FB profile image. In all my time on FB, however many years that has been, I have never, not even once, clicked on a person’s name to see a bigger version of their profile image. Maybe that’s just me, but I honestly don’t care what their image is. I care what they post and what they share. The little image next to their name is white noise.

Again, this is just my opinion, but I have to ask again, why are you doing this? If you’re hoping to use this logo for another purpose, that’s fine, and you can pretty much ignore everything I’ve written here, but if you’re going to use it solely for FB purposes, I think your time is better spent elsewhere.



I’m trying to make something that, possibly, could be used to be on merchandise or altered and used for an activist organization. Additionally, yes, likely as a profile picture on social media.

I do it because:

  1. I’m a creative person and need a creative outlet for my now bottomless supply of righteous fury.
  2. Money. I could conceivably sell a good logo on buttons or other items, or get freelance work during the summer.
  3. Practice. The more I do it, the better I get.
  4. S’fun.
  5. I’ve found the “just fucking punch Nazis” philosophy to my liking, but much of the Anti-fascists I’ve run into are more anarchists than focused on fighting fascism. I want to identify myself as someone who is in that camp, but I need something different since I’m not as scatter-shot in my fury.
  6. Changing my logo to something that I’ve made, and something that communicates my political views makes me feel good. It’s not going to convert anyone. I don’t expect it to. But let me tell you, I really, really need things that make me feel good. Things that make me feel less like I’m powerless to fight the wave of awful coming our way. If it helps me, what did it harm? If some jackass online gets mad and comments on a logo (and they have) I take pleasure in knowing I’ve agitated someone who deserves it, and double good for me.

I changed my logo from the pin because I’m wearing one daily now.

I’m acting, daily, in every way I can, to fight any way I can. I call my reps, lawmakers, participate in several community activist groups, and make it known as often and as hard as I can that this insane bullshit will not stand. Not in my little sphere. This is not one thing I’m doing. It’s one of many.

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Thanks for explaining, even though it wasn’t necessary. I really appreciate it, just for my own understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish.

I wish you all the best in coming up with a marketable and identifiable logo and if you do make merchandise of any kind, I’m already looking forward to buying it.



I’m looking at those dual flag designs and somehow I feel like they are trying to oppose the nationalist side of fascist. Where fascists unite and march under one flag those anti-fascist logos with dual flags seem to say “we accept many different people”.

And by that reading, I don’t think it really suits your purposes. Like if you make one of the flags to be US flag, what is the other one?

But that’s just based on how I interpreted the symbolism there, and I might be just overthinking things, or underthinking.



[quote=“adam, post:26, topic:429”]
Money. I could conceivably sell a good logo on buttons or other items, or get freelance work during the summer.
[/quote]Or, say, Metal lapel pins or challenge coins. You know, if there was someone you knew who did those for a good price. On the off chance, just in case.

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I was thinking that the second flag should represent that second one in the Anti-fascist logos. That’s why I’m still trying to figure out the best way to represent a few ideas, possibly through a few different icons. I’m going to a few things:

  1. A significant nod to the antifa and their attitude towards fighting fascists.
  2. Something that’s also distinctly American.
  3. Per Scott’s suggestion, moving away from the black/white/red color scheme to something with a more “good guy” feeling.
  4. Something that also communicates strength and determination.


There are an increasing number of anti-fascist organizations in the area, and not all are well organized or sound in their goals. By using some of the resources/connections we have in more established organizations, we could possibly aid some of these groups by honing their focus and maturing their tone.