What's with all these awful Youtubers being popular?

I was chatting to Juliane about this the other day, as I’d read about a whole load of PUBG players being banned for cheating. Only banned from PUBG though, so I guess they are free to just use other names and start entering tournaments for other games. Some of them had been caught cheating at other games before. Sigh.


I’m shocked, Shocked that the shitty SEO marketing garbage dudes who are basically just algorithm parasites doing the laziest possible criticism of films and crying satire when criticized are also lazy plagiarists.


CinemaSins’ bullshit response:

Never listened to them before, eh?


So all of this said, and I haven’t listened to either podcast, you’ve got to crib pretty hard to have a legal fight about this kind of thing.

I mean, I’ll take any chance to shit all over CinemaSins, but “Let’s talk about the 80s year by year” isn’t exactly a rare concept.

Looks like CinemaSins has backed down on their new podcast.

Good. Also, listen to 80sAllOver. It isn’t a “Hey, remember the 80s” nostalgia fest. We’re talking like, real criticism of like 15-25 movies released per month. Some popular films, some underrated gems, some baffling trends Hollywood decided to follow at the time. Drew and Scott are also pretty defiant leftist dudes.

I literally burst out laughing when I read that. Christ, Jeremy is such a slimy fucking asshole. Especially considering he threatened to sue Screenjunkies for plagiarism when they started a review show that he thought was too similar to Cinemasins, for his wholly original and never-before-seen idea of…talking about movies in the car to and from the cinema.

Good video.


Now ProJared is in hot water for cheating on his wife.


I’ve seen this talked about for the past two days. Never heard of this person.


Seriously. I really have no idea who the fuck these people are and why they are so important but know that there are fans that’s why people are talking about it, but they mean absolutely nothing.

Just continues to show most popular YTers are still the whites and I really DGAF about most of them. Moving on.


There is one thing I learned from my days over at TGWTG. Every famous YouTuber has an audience that is independent from everyone else. No matter how you think they are famous they are literal nobody to 98% of the world.


I have and happened to be watching one of his randomizers which is bad enough but what’s worse is allegations that he was also taking nudes and such from fans on tumblr some of whom were minors. I’m trying to find the links on twitter but his wife details it extensively on twitter.


I’ve seen some of the evidence busting the dude out and it’s pretty pathetic that the guy could not keep his dick in his pants and how easy it was for people to find evidence. It was laughable because just another stupid person thinking they won’t get caught.

And also apparently mentally abusing his wife, and using his fame to solicit nudes from fans(as well as sending some of his own out).

I’ll admit, I only really know of him and Holly through the C-team podcast, but it definitely puts a very different light on their character’s interactions(and eventual marriage) from both C-team and I’d assume the Dice Camera Action shows.

Of this whole drama the only name I recognized was “Game Grumps.”