What's with all these awful Youtubers being popular?


I’m already suspicious of your sentiment.

Now I also question your knowledge of history.


They are abject before the camera, and this fascinates. Consider Alex Jones. The entertaining thing about InfoWars isn’t that he is saying something true or even verifiable, but rather that there is the man Alex Jones, and he is being Alex Jones for the audience. Remember that public YouTube video of the guy talking sweetly to his girlfriend for like 20 minutes? It was agonizing to see that.

I think it’s actually like, there is a feeling of horror when we see stuff like that. Or like, when the Time Cube guy is telling us about Time Cube, it’s sort of the same thing as an episode of Jackass.

When Scott says, “the conspiracy theory guys are dangerous,” I think maybe they are no more dangerous than the average gun collector, but it is rather that Scott experiences a sort of transcendent horror, and there’s a feedback loop there.


We both are, actually (edit: netizens despise this “a”-word lately, though I am not sure why). That sentiment is important, and suspicion of it is important as well.

We both do. I would argue that “knowledge of history” cannot exist, which is also an idea you may consider dangerous. I might even argue that history is a narrative crafted by those in power around events which may not have explanations directly related to the narrative. This was an important discourse in mid-century France, around the same time men seemed to be manufacturing a nightmarish war around the entire world. I actually find myself believing Hannah Arendt, that the causes and histories of these events are of a “banal evil” more than they are anything else.

Also, my scholarship is stunted by my reliance on Wikipedia, though nor do I have the hours nor credentials to spend in a library with primary sources, looking for some absolute truth in which I don’t fully believe.


As someone with two degrees in history I would say most peoples knowledge of history is questionable.


Unnoticed in the corner in the back on a shelf sits a small device with gauges and lights. A label affixed to the side reads “GG Detector”. The needle flutters slightly.


I mean… several thousand years across multiple continents and billions of people in total… is non-trivial?


We could sum it up by zooming out and saying “There, the third planet to orbit a humble main sequence star, was a planet named Earth. It had life once.”


Well to be fair most of it can be boiled down to Person A wants Person Bs thing so they go to war. That or plague.


The Youtube Anime Community wants to boycott Crunchyroll now because of High Guardian Spice. They are quick to go “No, I don’t hate the show but I wish Crunchyroll would use their funds to fix their website instead of making original content!”

Every medium wants a “-gate” now.


They are now acting like if crunchy roll was a non profit entirely centered around funneling money to Anime companies. We need more Anime tubers that aren’t complete pedo-apologist shitstains like digibro. He should not have the unilateral pull he has in the community.


Apparently someone was streaming at the madden tournament when the shooting went down. I only see the aftermath thread now 8 hours later.


Luckily they were just starting a round when the shooting started so the video cuts out the live feed, but you can see the laser sights aiming towards one of the victims right before. I recommend not to watch/hear it.



Anything totally random or full of SH%&*T will get you famous on youtube. This is what I have seen so far!


EDIT: PewDiePie digs his hole deeper.





This may be slightly off-topic but I think it is the most fitting thread in our forum:

A couple of years ago, back in the old forum, I highlighted Alex Bertoncini, a known cheater at high level Magic: The Gathering tournaments. There has been an ongoing saga about him cheating, getting caught, getting suspended by the DCI (Magic’s tournament organizing body), sitting out his suspension, playing again and being caught cheating again. He has been banned at least three times with increasing amounts of suspension. Here’s a good article from the beginning of the saga that details some of the cheats he has been caught with, though unfortunately it is also filled with some lingo that may not be easy to understand.

So why do I post this here? A couple of months ago Bertoncini wrote a public “apology” letter. Of course it is full of verbal trickery, reframing of situations, etc. This is an excellent analysis of the BS pulled in such “apologies” as are often released by similar douchebags who have been caught. Unfortunately, a lot of people would still fall for this, especially those that don’t play a competitive game but instead are public entertainers, i.e. YouTube assholes.

In any case, he has been caught cheating again after penning that BS letter, and was subsequently banned for life from competitive Magic tournaments.


We need to centralize and organize competitive gaming/sports ban lists. Can’t let this person start playing another game tomorrow.