What's with all these awful Youtubers being popular?


Reading further, the mob seems like they’re mostly upset at the issue that started the first tweet “thread”. I’ve never played Guild Wars 2. But then dragging in arguments from authority and mansplaining into things is guaranteed to increase the drama overload.


Oh, I thought it was just a random gamer on Twitter.

What I find the most annoying is that if you try to ask companies to do good things on Twitter, it’s like pissing into the wind. Getting Wheezer to cover Africa by Toto takes a huge effort with its own account and a big campaign. Meanwhile, getting some woman fired at a game studio takes one tweet from an asshole. How come when I tweet at companies asking them to do good things they don’t even acknowledge me?


It wasn’t just the tweet, it could’ve been any tweet. It’s just the common gomer tatic of finding a tiny crack and blowing it up way out of proportion to get their result. The Guild Wars 2 subreddit was instantly brigaded with gomer posts for the entirety of this fiasco’s life, people with new accounts, newly subscribed to stir the pot.

This is not an awful youtuber thread material tbh, because while deroir was a piece of shit, his actions were only the fountainhead from which other’s work was placed on. This is just a reminder that the gaters never left.


Thus. Boycott Arenanet. They’re on the side of the gomergaters.


I had quite recently considered trying Guild Wars 2 again, considered getting the expansions that came after I stopped playing it. This whole thing happening put a fast stop to those thoughts. Not giving Arenanet any of my time or money after this.


Same, I used to be really into GW2 (like 1300 hours really into) and thought they were good with their employees, having a lot of female and lgbt representation. This completely shattered that and disillusioned me greatly. At least people like Lena Raine left and made their own stuff, which has far outshone their work in Anet.


ArenaNet is a subsidiary of NCSoft, so boycott the whole thing.

Easy for me since I never have played any of their games and likely never would have even without this incident.


Only four videos? You can do better than this.


Chris Hardwick, who was mentioned above, was just re-instated on all of his AMC projects, after an investigation by Loeb & Loeb LLP cleared him - a firm that has a long history of working for his Wife’s family. Make of that what you will.


This is a hard post to make…
Remember when I talked about Ronnie Edwards earlier?
He committed suicide.


I just heard myself. Extremely unfortunate. It doesn’t seem the E3 complaint was the inciting incident, but you can’t help but feel for the guy, and especially for his colleagues and family.


My feeling regarding NCSoft: I played City of Heroes for five years. That’s all that needs to be said about that.


Alex Jones’ punishment continues.


Update on Alex Jones:


Meanwhile, in Twitterland…


Jack Dorsey is known to be a right-winger. Maybe not as far right as some, but he certainly leans very far that way.



That’s interesting that you say that Jack Dorsey is know to be a right-winger, because all the articles I’ve been reading about Twitter/Alex Jones seem to portray him as something of a “left-leaning libertarian,” and not a conservative at all.

I honestly don’t know enough about Jack Dorsey to know myself, but it’s odd that you peg him as being a conservative while most media outlets say the opposite.

Just one example:


Jack has the power to ban nazis from Twitter. They do it in Germany already, because law requires. With just a word it could be done for the whole world. He chooses not to. Therefore Jack is a defender of nazis, and is therefore a nazi.


The ACLU has literally defended Nazis. I guess that makes them Nazis as well.

Your logic is amazing.