What's in your pocket?

I have been looking into a decent wallet and a keychain for my daily use. I’ve been using a ROCO minimalist [1] wallet for some time now. But I’d like a more robust wallet solution if possible. I’ve also been using cable wire [2] for my keychain but I am now interested in a solution similar to keysmart [3] to hold my keys. What wallet + keychain solution are you currently using ? What are your opinions on it ?




I just use a regular keyring. Literally the only things on it are:

Home Key
Mail Key
Work Key
Work Bathroom Key
Climbing tag

It’s pretty tiny: smaller than ANY key “solution” I’ve ever seen anyone sell.

I really like the idea of the kemart/keybar and various other swiss army style key holders but the reason I don’t use them is I really only have a couple actual keys and I like to keep quite a few little tools on my keychain so all it would really do is bulk up my keys even more since I’d have to just clip those onto the side. If you wanna try something like that out though, you can get a Chinese one for like less than $2 on ebay.

Right now I keep my keys on a knockoff of the Maxpedition “Keyper” I got for like $1.

It works pretty well if you want an alternative to a normal carabiner so that you can just dangle your keys into your pocket so they’re not just a lump in your pocket or jangling around with anything else you put in there. Velcro is kinda shot after a year or so of use, so I’ll have to swap it out soon or see if I can get some new velcro on it.

As for a wallet I use a Maxpedition Spartan wallet. It’s kinda big but it has a lot of room and it’s held up really well over the years.

My keys
My wallet
My smartphone

…That’s about it.

I have a keysmart and it’s pretty handy. I don’t think it would be worth having if I couldn’t wedge my car key into it. The biggest drawback is that it effectively puts your key on the end of a handle. This makes it much easier to bend a key by accident and at least for me changed my grip enough to screw with muscle memory. I’ve been considering 3D printing a new keyfob housing that interlocks with the keysmart’s bars to reduce volume further but it’s already less bulky than my old key ring.

I’ll be in the market for a new wallet soon. That roco one looks pretty close to what I’d want but other suggestions would be nice. I have maybe 3-5 “daily” cards and another handful that I grab as needed from my desk.

Front pocket #1: wallet + phone.

Front pocket #2: keyring + cheap earphones + chap stick


Front pocket #1: Wallet , keys, change, and Multi-Tool.

Front pocket #2: Smartphone and nothing else ever jesus christ.

Back pocket #1: Wrappers, receipts, and other paper garbage I intend to throw away soon.

Back pocket #2: handkerchief.

[quote=“Neito, post:7, topic:496”]
Front pocket #2: Smartphone and nothing else ever jesus christ.
[/quote]I don’t understand the people who keep fucking that up.

I can understand something soft and clean like a wallet, but even then.

I have one friend who keeps her phone in her back pocket. THAT I’ll never understand.

Front pocket #1: also wallet + keys (nothing fancy here, just normal ring)

Front pocket #2: phone (currently iPhone 6) and occasionally earbuds/earplugs if I need them

Back pockets: nothing usually, sometimes I will put my keys there if I need quick access to them multiple times in a short period of time (this happened more often at my last residence where the front door auto-locked)

Then I guess you don’t understand that most women’s pants don’t have front pockets big enough to hold a phone of any size. I bet she would love to put the phone somewhere else if there were options other than purse/bag.

OH, I’m well aware of the bullshit around pockets in women’s clothes, but I feel like the solution to that problem is not sitting on your phone.

Many years ago I had this beautiful little device. I was walking around on the CS floor of the Golisano building at RIT listening to it. Another student began talking to me and so as not to be rude I reached into the front right pocket containing the thing pulled it out and turned it off via the touch screen. As I put it back I was engrossed in the conversation and didn’t notice the direction it was facing as I replaced it as my thigh made contact with the corner of one of those desks directly outside the lab. Directly into the touchscreen. One light popping sound later and I learned.

If a device with a screen is in your pocket, the screen need be facing inward or god help you.

Now a days, I basically pull a Scott. Phone in front pocket 1. Wallet + money clip in front pocket 2. Keys in misc third pocket. Whether that’s the bag or the jacket. Fuck all in the back pockets.

I usually carry a Swiss Army Knife (I prefer the Tinker) with me. I might try swapping it for something smaller though since I almost never use the large blade. I used to have a Leatherman Squirt that came in handy, but I almost never need pliers, especially not ones that small.

I kind of carry a lot of shit but I like being prepared and I’m used to it.

Front Right pocket: Keys (only 2 actual keys, the rest is some one piece multitools, Thrunite AAA flashlight, Swiss Army classic, telescopic pen, and I recently added a mini micro usb cable made to fit on your keys. Usually dangling in my pocket from my belt or belt loop), Knife, and often some kind of Swiss Army Knife. Main knife changes frequently, right now it’s a Ganzo G710 which is basically a Benchmade Rift clone. Ganzo makes pretty great knifes for the money. And right now I carry the Victorinox Pioneer X as my Swiss Army Knife. Finally they came out with an Alox model with Scissors.

Left Front pocket: Usually a flashlight, right now it’s this one and so far it’s been great. Supposedly Thrunite just designed it for them but I have a suspicion they’re more related than that and they just didn’t want to cannibalize Thrunite sales. It’s super bright and wayyy better than any cheapo Ultrafire kit that comes with explodey batteries probably ripped out of an old laptop. This one even comes with a usb rechargable battery. You don’t just plug the flashlight into usb, the 18650 cell literally has a usb port. Weird but cool, especially if you don’t have a li-on charger already.

Back left pocket: Wallet
Front Right pocket: Phones. Old Palm Pixi I just use for calls and texts, and An Android I just use on wifi. And usually a pair of earphones in there too so I can listen to podcasts when I’m cleaning at work.

If I’m just going to run to the store real quick it’s often less, but it’s at least keys, wallet, phone knife. I usually have smaller backups in my coat anyway since it’s usually cold like half the year here.

I have a little kit I made out of an earphone case that has a small knife, flashlight, band-aids, pencil, duct tape and random other stuff that I swap from my coat to a pocket in my canteen holder I keep my water bottle in so even if I forget something I’ve at least got something in there just in case.

Since women’s clothing rarely has decent pockets, I use pocketbooks, purses, wristlets, and other bags. Today’s pocketbook is a Fossil foldover, which has a wallet style setup in its outer zip pouch. Adam gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago, before I went vegetarian/vegan. I didn’t throw out any of my leather goods, because that would just be wasteful.


In the wallet-style outer zip pouch:
CARDS: two credit cards, a debit card, my Memorial Art Gallery Membership card, my organ donor card, and my ACLU card,
Other: Some paper cash, a few Candadian bills, and a “good luck coin” my Grandfather gave me.

In the main pouch (which is a bit bulging because I have more in it than usual):
-Samsung Galaxy s6
-Kate Spade Rx Sunglasses in a case
-a program from Geva’s production of Guess Whose Coming to Dinner?, which I saw last night
-a “pocket” pack of Kleenex (I have a cold)
-a small bottle of bluebrerry scented alcohol based hand sanitizer
-a dose of Dayquil liquid caps
-peach scented hand cream
-vegan cosmetics: a fine pointed black eyeliner, a thick pointed black eyeliner, a tinted moisturizer with 30 spf, a lispstick, a lipbalm, a blush compact, and a tiny tube of mascara.
-2 wipes for glasses and tech glass
-cheap-o kids earbuds (adult sized earbuds are usually too big)

Oddly, my keys are outside of my purse at the moment.

That’s how they get ya. They give women tiny/fake pockets to force them to buy purses.

Yes and no. Lots of men use their pockets, but also use bags and briefcases. Little handy storage is nice, but sometimes you need more.

I’m jealous of purses. Half of the reason I love cold weather is just because jackets give you extra pockets for earbuds and keys and such.

Front right is always my phone, right now it’s a Google Pixel.

Front left is a small Kickstarter wallet. It’s basically a elastic pouch that holds all my cards snugly. When I’m at work I also carry a flash drive and office key in that pocket. When out of work, I carry a small pocket knife (right now a Victorinox Super Tinker with green scales) and a Fisher space pen.

At work I often carry a pair of gloves in my back left pocket and save my back right for “temporary storage”. I keep them both empty out of work.

If I’m not wearing a jacket, I hang my keys from my belt loop. I’m still trying to find a better key strategy.

  1. You can buy a purse.
  2. Bags “for men” (blech, fuck the binary and gendered consumerism), exist.
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I don’t use the word purse. I only ever say bag.

Well, that’s not true. I also enjoy the word “sack.”