What TV Shows Are You Watching?


Anybody else watch the new series Legion? The only thing I remembered about Legion from the comics. Was his really tall hairdo and he suffered from mental illness. Oh and he is one of the most powerful psyches. So the first episode of the Legion series is pretty good.

It opens with a montage of David’s childhood ending with a downward spiral into adulthood. With the rest of the show having David either being psychoanalyzed or interrogated. Which I could understand might be boring for some viewers. I enjoyed it though. Watching it unfold, trying to piece together what was really going on with David. I’m definitely looking forward to the next episode.


Yeah I watched it.
Legion would struggle to even be a B grade character in the books. He was used as a minor plot device a few times. Interesting concept but not fleshed out fully, he could gain the powers of others in addition to being a telepath and was Professor X’s son.

As far as the show goes, it’s probably the best X-men related thing Fox has done with their license. Especially with various portions of the Fargo cast and crew.

However something about the soundtrack just put me off, I was constantly being bombarded with music which seemed unnecessary. Examples of effective use can be seen in Fargo and Watchmen the movie.

Also that mental health facility seems incredibly pristine and clean, as are all the sets.

They’re only nags but hopefully the story gets a bit more fleshed out as the potential is there.


The selection of the music from the Legion soundtrack and also a lot of the style of clothing. Made it feel like it was set in the 60’s or 70’s era. But then you have that one guy using a tablet. I wonder if that was on purpose by the director.


Over the past few weeks, I watched Manhattan on Hulu. It was canceled after two seasons, but the story felt whole and the ending appropriate. It is a wonderful piece of historical fiction set in the Los Alamos Laboratory during WWII. This is character driven psychological drama of the highest order. There was never a dull moment or any filler. Every second mattered. Every person’s story was of import. It was a wonderful ensemble in which a sheltered house wife’s search for self discovery is on equal footing with an impassioned physicist selling out a colleague for what could be a vanity project, the saving of the world, or the ultimate doom of humanity. It is near perfect. My one criticism is that it addressed all perspectives of life in the camp - physicists and their wives, the computer girls, the military, the “spooks,” and so on - except the Native American and Hispanic workers. Had that aspect been woven into the main tapestry of the story, it would have felt like a complete telling of life in the fictionalized camp.


Guess I’m getting Netflix.


Yeah I heard about that, sounds cheesy as fuck. Might be worth watching for that though.


Catching up on Season 4 of Agents of Shield, this season has been a large and consistent step up in quality, it’s almost strange that it’s taken this long to be this good and consistent. (not that there hasn’t been great stuff before it was just uneven) Season 4 has been consistently good.


I tried to watch the first season of agents of shield so I could get to see GR in season 4 … but I couldn’t do it, 4 episodes in and it’s just so bad. I skipped ahead and have been enjoying their take on the flaming skull of vengeance. A little disappointed that they’re not going to keep going with him, but I get it, a flaming skeleton and vehicle has to eat up an effects budget.


-Finished 30 Rock, was brilliant and had a pretty awesome ending

-Almost up to date with Always Sunny which is great for laughing at horrendous things.

-Going through The People vs OJ: American Crime Story. Absolutely phenomenal. I only knew footnotes about the OJ Trial, but I can’t believe so many insane coincidences happened. The acting is on another whole level.


I caught up to the end of season two of Brooklyn 99, and that’s all there is on Netflix so far. Fun stuff! I’m not always a big fan of sitcom trash, but mixing in police crime solving and silly soap stuff made it work.

Also Netflix suggested Ultimate Beastmaster, which looked like nothing more than a Ninja Warrior ripoff. And that’s exactly what it was. But one of the American presenters was Terry Crews, who stars in Brooklyn 99, so I got the connection. I didn’t expect to get to the end of episode 1, but I did, and was mostly entertained throughout. Not sure I’d watch a second episode though.


Just finished The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story and now I’m starting the documentary O. J. Made in America

As a millennial who grew up only really hearing about O. J. from the murder trial, it’s striking to watch a documentary that goes into just how big of a star/popular person O. J. was and how it led to the furor around the trial itself. Additionally, the documentary is doing a fantastic job so far delving into race relations in LA and how O. J. essentially eschewed his role as a successful black man in order to integrate into white society.


I finished catching up on a couple of shows over the weekend. Legion has me very interested because of how it is dealing with the whole mental illness = superpower balancing act. When I finished watching the first episode I was afraid that they were going to just drop all of it to change it to everything is just aspects of the power that we don’t understand yet but how they continue it with aspects of what is manifesting in his memoryscape being mental illness has kept me interested.

I also just finished watching the last 4 episodes of season 4 of How to Get Away with Murder and that is still impressing me with its character dynamics even if the mid-season death took out one of my favourite characters.


6 accounts (three streams siiimultaneously)

Comcast: What you say!!
GOOG: You have no chance to survive make your time


We’ll see, a lot of live streaming services have reliability problems. If there’s one thing you can say about traditional cable TV is it’s very consistent.


LOL, really? I think that might be a regional thing. When we had cable TV, we had almost endless problems, including random crashing and self-resetting of the cable box, on-demand not functioning at all and necessitating almost daily resets, the guide malfunctioning, pay-per-view charges for movies we never ordered, etc. All that plus having to play the ridiculous game of calling every year to get the promotional price just to make it somewhat affordable.

@Starfox As for Youtube TV, will it have commercials? I couldn’t tell from the material on the link you provided. I only put up with commercials for otherwise free content, with the one exception of Dramafever for which I pay a whopping $0.99/month so that I can access their “premium content” and get HD videos (even then, most of their content is ad free and the vast majority of their ads are for other shows on Dramafever, so no annoying car dealership yelling and such).


Then it’s probably the cabling, which would possibly give you issues with internet as well. I’m just speculating and don’t know your situation though.

With these OTT scenarios you have to take into account there are fault points with delivery of source to the transmuxers as well as delivery issues to the CDN. On top of that you often need a strong enough internet connection to handle your connection to the CDN, and the player needs the logic to be able to fail over effectively. Some handle this better than others. For instance Roku not too long ago had serious performance issues with live linear streams where they would stop when encountering too many discontinuities in a HLS playlist. We’ve noticed issues with Chromecast and it’s ability to adapt to different scenarios, and even Apple products have some playback issues depending on the quality of the stream and the playlists. There’s a reason if you go look at any of the reviews for Sling, Playstation Vue, whatever DirectTVs service is they have pretty middling reviews from reviewers with powerful internet connections. And even poorer reviews from users because the average consumer doesn’t have that kind of service.

As for ads, it will most assuredly have an ad block, whether they choose to show that ad block or slate over it I don’t know. Often companies will do dynamic ad insertion over ad blocks, but since these are the same feeds that go to traditional cable outlets they don’t mux out the ad blocks.


Five episodes into Riverdale and I’m still enjoying the show as a guilty pleasure. The Twin Peaks/Blue Velvet vibe is even stronger. All the characters are interesting and pretty likeable, with their own sub-plots that don’t get in the way of the overarching murder mystery.

Also, five episodes in, Jugghead still hasn’t expressed any interest in sex, or a romantic relationship of any kind, and is still mostly used as a narrator/Greek Chorus, although that last party may be changing in upcoming episodes a bit as we start to learn more about his background.


uBlock origin works on YouTube, so I am hoping it’ll work on YouTube TV.


I wouldn’t bet on that. uBlock only works on YouTube because the ads on Youtube are served up separately from the content. YouTube TV will likely be a single stream sourced from the actual broadcaster, ads included. Imagine if you were watching me on Twitch and I just started streaming an ad. You can not block that with uBlock.

To block that you would need some machine learning that can identify when an ad starts and ends. Then it could turn the screen black and mute the audio while the ad is happening.


Yup they’ll most likely mux ads into the stream. But even if they serve up ads dynamically, you will block them and see a slate image for 3 minutes or however long the ad block is.