What TV Shows Are You Watching?


Kate and I have been watching:

Dark Matter: Space rogues and sci-fi adventuring. Shades of Firefly, but not as good.

Speechless: Comedy about a family with a kid who is handicapped and non-verbal. It’s actually really well done.

Emerald City: Dark reimagining of the Oz story. Political, science vs. magic, good visuals, great costume design. I’m enjoying it so far.

Powerless: Comedy about a Wayne Tech company that is supposed to develop technological solutions for security in a city that is jaded about heroes and villains. Set in the DC universe and VERY self aware with great casting, very funny.


I tried it out last night.
I have a low tolerance for shitty TV and while I could guess what was happening for most of the events this show successfully places the viewer in Archie’s conundrum which always seemed so difficult to relate to in the old comics and is slightly better handled in the more recent iteration.

Archie is all about that teen coming of age in suburban America. I thought I was going to switch off after the first 10 minutes or so but ended up watching both episodes.

I can definitely see it’s flaws but it seems fine compared to other trash. Jughead to me was never an asexual character in the comics but maybe I was too young to pick up on this. However he hasn’t been shown off as attractive, as jabrams007 has said, he takes more of the Greek chorus role and is Archie’s conscience.

That wasn’t even a disappointing thing, it at least made some of his decisions harder to make or ambiguous in that no matter what action he took it would have a negative impact on someone.

I think the show Riverdale is a great benefit for the Ginger community.

I will likely drop it as soon as work starts up again lol.


[quote=“sK0pe, post:62, topic:277”]
I think the show Riverdale is a great benefit for the Ginger community.
[/quote]It has to be CGI. Nobody can be that ginger and survive.



It is interesting to me that ginger bashing wasn’t ever a big thing in the US except during NINA days post mass immigration. It largely died off as the Irish “whitened” in public perception and clawed their way up the socioeconomic ladder on the backs of African Americans, much like Eastern Europeans, Italians, and Greeks did before them. So, other than the South Park ginger bashing and imported TV, I wasn’t exposed to any ginger joked. Neither I nor my mostly ginger family encountered any discrimination or teasing for being red-haired and freckled.


I’m obviously not ginger, but I never even heard that word until South Park.


On that front: Jughead being asexual is a development from more recent comics. The Jughead series by Chip Zdarsky and Erica Henderson revealed him to be asexual in an issue, which made a lot of ace people really happy to be getting some very rare representation in media. So having that rare representation not only ignored but actively reversed in other Archie media would be kind of like a slap in the face to that.

That said: apparently there could still be room for Jughead to develop more and come out as ace later in the series. One of the showrunners has said that Riverdale is an origin story, and that, starting from that origin point, canon things like Archie’s band or Jughead’s asexuality would be waypoints on the road to the more standard Archie canon. So fingers crossed that it eventually develops in that direction at least? But I’m also still wary. Will be waiting for more of the show to be out before I decide if I’m going to watch it or not.


It’s not for polite company.


It was pretty common at school in Australia and from what I understand in the UK but there was no “bashing” as such so you shouldn’t have to worry, Ginger_Monster. Luckily you have a Ranga for a president who will speak up for Ginger Rights :stuck_out_tongue: .

Even my nurses at one of my Sydney clinic teased each other for being gingers to keep the mood light.


Jughead’s indifference to women and men is longstanding in the comics. It was implicit, like Wonder Woman’s bisexuality.


It became explicit at some point relatively recently.


I am aware, thus the comparison.


Both are just recons, they happen in the world of superhero and any long standing comic that requires a certain status quo.
Oh look Captain America is dead!
Put in a replacement for a 6 - 12 month run.
Retcon, Captain America never died and we are given a retcon as to why he didn’t die.
Many things are retconned when translating between mediums.

I’ve read some Archie and did not interpret Jughead as asexual, just that he preferred eating and being Archie’s pal rather than being asexual.
I honestly wasn’t even aware that Wonder Woman was bisexual. Basically DC trying to grab at something to make Wonder Woman books to sell. Regardless of how good an artist or writer they put on that title or how good the stories they put out, they never sell anywhere near Batman or Superman.

It seems DC got the headlines for the a month or so, sales spike for that issue and the halo issues around it then died down to what they usually are.

DC constantly strives to retain the status quo for their major 3 characters (Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman). No retcon sticks, the readers know this and any changes which don’t really affect how stories are told results in no change in sales except for a hype spike.

I assume there was a similar decision for the Jughead asexuality, which had no affect to the character.

In contrast an example of a retcon that worked out well - Marvel made Ms. Marvel a Muslim teenager. Once again they got media coverage but the character change and the well thought out plot and integration of the character allowed for an exploration of anti-Muslim sentiment as perceived by a Muslim millennial. Sales of the book and character presence from virtually non existent to forefront.

TLDR, Jughead being explicitly asexual / not asexual has no affect on either medium unless a major plot or story point is based upon it with ramifications that change how the story is being delivered.


You are mixing up recons with non-recons here. Captain America dying and then being revealed to not actually be dead, is a recon. Meanwhile Ms. Marvel being a muslim teenager is not a recon, she a totally new character who inherited the name of Ms. Marvel, canon of the old Ms. Marvel was not overwritten by her introduction.


It’s not recon. It’s reTcon.

Recon is scouting to get information about the enemy army.

Retcon is retroactive continuity.


Yeah, I was wondering if people were actually trying to say retcon or I just had no idea what was going on.


It’s only a Retcon if they didn’t plan for it to begin with. Quake (Shield Agent) is now an inhuman instead of a Mutant with no reason given. That’s a Retcon. Captain America getting shot and killed at the end of a event and going through a year long arc where it’s revealed he was still alive, was probably planned from the beginning. If they then went and never referred to it again and said things like “Captain America never appeared to be dead” that would be a Retcon of the backstory.



@sK0pe Just because something isn’t explicitly stated doesn’t mean it isn’t there to be seen, thus the word “implicit.”

In the case of Wonder Woman’, she hails from an all female paradise - if it is paradise, then sex is happening. If it is all female, then the only sexual partners are women. Moreover, in the original comic, which intentionally included bondage and dom/sub themes, Marston frequently depicted the Amazons partaking in bondage play and heavily implied that there was a sexual element to her friendship with Etta Candy. Further, the LGBTQ community picked up on the repeated and obvious themes and adopted her as an icon decades ago.

The same goes for Jughead. The asexual community has very few characters that represent them. Before it was explicitly stated, Jughead was a teenage boy with no interest in sexual/romantic relationships of any kind. This is not typical for adolescent and post adolescent young men and, thus, it was implied that he was asexual.

While you might find these issues irrelevant, those in one of these under represented communities - like me - do not.

Anyway, back to talking about TV shows.


Flawless logic.