What TV Shows Are You Watching?


It definitely showed Dorne when we saw scenes in Dorne. It diddn’t highlight it before then.

And yes, the GoT map was great for establishing locations. My point is that as crude and stylized as it was as a map, it still worked perfectly good enough for casual viewers to understand the geography of Westeros.


Currently watching Westworld and Sneaky pete. Westworld is the 2nd run through of the series.

Westworld opening

Seaky Pete Full episode 1 (official from Amazon prime video)


I see where you’re coming from now.
I by no means hold up The Expanse to be in the same tier as many other TV shows.
I guess I was a bit more forgiving as I haven’t seen any good space sci-fi in a while, maybe even Battlestar Galactica , I mean even that’s not super hard sci-fi I was willing to over look some short comings.

I agree with @MATATAT is the auxiliary regions aren’t obvious unless you’ve watched the prior episodes. I also had no idea of how huge “The North” was till I played the board game or the relative distances between cities.
However it didn’t hamper my experience watching.

I do wish they put more of the Dorne and Greyjoy stories in, I can’t understand why they cut so much of it, I mean they could be milking a full or half season out of it rather than a few portions of episodes. The show does have a better handling on moving the story along while the books can get bogged down in certain chapters. However the show tries to indicate that politics is only present in Kings Landing rather than all the other cities.

I’m currently enjoying Sneaky Pete too. I can guess some of the things that happen but the acting, plot and story are really enjoyable.


In my review of Leviathan Wakes, the first Expanse book, I had a complaint that the setting wasn’t very expansive. There are scenes in three different space ships and four different space stations, three of which are inside asteroids, all of which were even stated, in the book, to look and feel so alike that the main characters felt like they were all the same place. It felt really claustrophobic.

In the TV show they put in scenes on Earth, so at least there is some contrast, but even then, it takes a while to work out how many different space stations there are, and what is different between them.


OK I just watched the tail-end of a Q&A they did with the cast after showing the first episodes at the Alamo Drafthouse(s) and for those watching the stream they put on something like 10-15 minutes of content.

That 15 minutes was better than any 15 minute segment from season 1 by a long shot. SO HYPE.


The only reason I watch GoT now is just to get an ending to the series. I read the books years ago, as they came out, and only started to watch the show last season (6) when it outpaced the books. I honestly have no hope in Mr. Martin ending the series in any satisfying way on his own, so I hope HBO does a decent job of it.


He told them his ending. I do not know if they will deviate from it or not, but I assume he told them his vision for the ending with the intention that they stick to it.


I kind of liked that. Sure the solar system is huge, but at the end of the day, if you’re a human, you’re in an air bubble somewhere. I thought the focus on small spaces dovetailed nicely with how strongly Belter culture is tied to the collective maintenance of their precarious, cramped living environments.


In the book, the spaces didn’t feel small. The stations seemed quite large. My point was more about the same-ness of the locations, not about their sizes.


Hey, Brooklyn99 is really good fun.


That’s one of those shows that I never expected to like as much as I do.


I watched the first five minutes of the pilot roughly a year ago, and it didn’t grab me. But I downloaded the first three episodes onto my phone before this trip, to see if it just needed more time. And it did! Once it got to near the end of the first episode, and I realised what the show was really about, it really clicked for me.

Now I wish I’d downloaded more than three episodes.


I watched at least the first season, it’s alright but I never really found it to be that funny. It’s more of that amusing humor that’s comfortable to watch. But I didn’t stick with it more than a season.


Brooklyn 99 one of the few comedies I’ve watched from start to present. It’s on the same tier as Black-ish for me (however Black-ish cares more for social commentary than comedy).


I can’t believe I’m typing this, but I’m actually enjoying the new Riverdale TV series based on the Archie comics. It’s like Archie meets Twin Peaks plus Veronica Mars with some CW teen melodrama thrown into the mix for good measure. It’s not a great show by any means, but I find myself enjoying it’s noir David Lynchian Blue Velvet-like deconstruction of the small town Archie universe.


So, who watched the first two episodes from the new season of The Expanse? I feel really sorry for those of you in the markets where it’s not showing the next season yet, cuz it’s really kicking everything up a notch. I’m definitely in fanboy territory but I can’t help but be excited the entire episode. Front the back of the first two were as edge of my seat as any episode of GoT or Vikings has been. We get to see long anticipated book scenes and characters from the books are just my favorites now. Diogo and Sam especially, I need more of them in the episodes to come. They changed Sam to a real self-sure hardass, but she’s even more awesome now as a result.

In unrelated news I am feeling The Americans senses tingling. It’s coming soon. It’s gonna be here. So many things hanging over everyone’s head. Gonna be some big shoes to drop. Gonna be great disguises. So many wigs. All the wigs.


No need to feel sorry for us we have a technology called file sharing. I will post you a detailed manual on how to make it run from a 3.5" floppy disk.

I wasn’t on the edge of my seat because there are parts of how this show are produced which are detrimental to the enjoyment of the story or understanding what’s going on. I’m speaking of HELMET TALK. Yeah great we know you’re wearing helmets and the sound is different but do you have to make it so that I have to fucking put on subtitles for me to understand what you’re saying?

There was only a small bit of this last season.

Anyhow, the military might of the Mars troops was interesting.
I haven’t read the books but predicted many of the events in the show minutes in advance. I’m sure I’m missing large plot based ones but the supposed shockers were easy to spot.

I’m only really interested in what’s going on at the UN / Earth at the moment because the space stuff didn’t seem as interesting as last season or maybe I will grow to like them if I can understand them and continue to talk about cheese.


From the age of 5 to 9, I had a huge collection of vintage Archie and Josie and the Pussycats comics. My mother was on a garage sales, estate sales, and antique store kick/ While she perused, I would find a book or a comic, buy it with my pocket money, and read. When I saw the adverts for this show and Jughead was described as “brooding,” “attractive,” and read that he was no longer asexual, I was out.

Usually, I am the one who argues that the source material and new iterations should differ so that they are not simply recreations of the same art. However, for me, the fact that this is a CW show (replete with over-the-top teen melodrama and crappy dialogue that seem to be that channel’s hallmark) and the perversion of Jughead is enough to keep me from even giving that show a shot. Seriously, it would have been pretty great for the asexual community to have some more representation on TV, particularly in a show targeted a pre-teens and teens.


[quote=“Kate_Monster, post:58, topic:277”]
From the age of 5 to 9, I had a huge collection of vintage Archie and Josie and the Pussycats comics. My mother was on a garage sales, estate sales, and antique store kick/ While she perused, I would find a book or a comic, buy it with my pocket money, and read. When I saw the adverts for this show and Jughead was described as “brooding,” “attractive,” and read that he was no longer asexual, I was out.
[/quote]Oh, it gets worse. Archie’s in an illicit relationship with Ms Grundy.


I read Archie comics as a kid as well, and as a kid, I never considered Jughead to be “asexual,” I just thought he was just more interested in food.

At least through two episodes of the show, Jughead is pretty close to his comic character. He’s shown no interest in romantic relationships at all, and mainly just wants to eat food. He’s not even a main character, he’s more of the narrator or Greek Chorus, providing exposition.

I’ll admit, the whole Archie and Ms. Grundy thing is a bit odd and creepy, but the show is definitely straying from the source material. Reggie is Asian, Moose is secretly gay or at least bisexual, and Betty and Veronica are friends.

The show isn’t going to set the world on fire, but I’m digging the Twin Peaks-esque vibe I’m getting from it.