What TV Shows Are You Watching?


Oh they’re all new, the old group all moved on to other things when the old show was cancelled. Most famously Ted moved on to work as a presenter for Food Network and host Chopped. This is a Netflix original reboot.


They do have the blessing and support of the original cast, though. They did a brunch thing as a sort of trailer for the series, and it was very sweet.


About four years ago I watched through all of Breaking Bad… except for the last eight episodes. I stopped at the moment Hank finds the book of poetry in the bathroom. It felt like a natural pausing point, and I presumed I’d get back to it soon.

Four years later I finally watched the last eight episodes. What a show! It was fun to have so much time of a different ending, and then get the real ending as intended.


Same, with the exception of the episode with the guy who was a NASCAR/Trump guy. He didn’t demonstrate any hostility towards the guys, but i just couldn’t summon any sympathy or empathy for him. Maybe I’m a crueler or less tolerant person than I was years ago, but i don’t understand how anyone, particularly anyone LGBTQ, could even be in the same room as someone who supports a party that would happily keep them as second class citizens at best, and far worse if given the opportunity.

Cried like a baby during the other episodes though.


Quick update:
Designated Survivor: downgraded to completely unwatchable. It was popcorn fun for a while, but increased incredulity combined with unflinchingly propagandistic neo-colonialism is a real turn off.

New X-Files: completely unwatchable. Poor writing, preachy monologues. It’s worse than the last few seasons of the original show. Both Duchovny and Anderson deserve better.

I almost never put a show I have been watching into the completely unwatchable category, so.

Magicians, Counterpart, Legion: Highly recommended if you’re looking for a show.
Americans season premiere was also good, but a bit slow. Most of their premieres have been a little more high paced, this was much more character driven.


Does Magicians ramp up a lot after the first few episodes? I think I’ve seen like 5 and liked it but was kinda bored, so I don’t know whether to go back or not.


define ramp up. It’s character and plot driven, with a good pinch of humor, not very action driven.


My sister told me about a British detective show called Unforgotten, which she said was excellent, and it appears to be finally airing in the US this Sunday. I’m pretty excited!

“There is a sense of melancholy about this story, befitting its subject. It shares some of the qualities that are often found in American cable dramas, like suspenseful investigations, inscrutable investigators, terrible secrets, and scenes run through with a sense of dread. But American cable dramas have tropes of their own: the tortured antihero, the disposable woman, the casual rape, the despair and hopelessness of everyone being miserable about everything always. In Unforgotten, you get a more measured look at people — one that’s more balanced and more varied. Its bleakness is tempered by hope. Not a lot, necessarily, and not for everyone. But somewhat, for some people. There is no escaping your sins, but there is at least chance at grace.”


I read some more about Breaking Bad, and almost everyone thinks Walter dies at the end. As someone who was late to finish it, and missed all the discussion at the time… wtf? I’m pretty sure he didn’t die.


Uhh, He ends the series:


Bleeding out from bullet wounds in Jesse’s methroom as the cops come to storm the place. While his death isn’t outright shown, it’s heavily implied.


In further interviews with Vince Gilligan, he also refers to Walter as dead. For example, when asking which death affected him the most, he straight up says Walter’s death, and talks about how it was the most affecting death of the series to write. He did give a bit of a squirrelly answer further up when asked directly if Walt was dead, but he’s usually fairly unequivocal.


Also he had cancer.


The show ends with him walking around for 15 minutes before collapsing. That isn’t someone who will bleed out in the one minute between him collapsing as the police arrive, and the police finding him.

The final cut is when an officer reaches out to check his pulse. We aren’t shown the result of that check!

I think the show finishes then because it is the end of his story, not the end of his life.


Fair enough interpretation. I’m no doctor so I have no idea how walking around for a few minutes after a bullet wound to the torso affects prognosis but I can say I count myself as being in the camp of people thinking he died.

I remember Firefly telling me that the the minutes after a gutshot are critical to survival chance and this being tv I’d say it’s safe to say the laws of Hollywood apply.

That said, it’s possible this is one of those Shakespere things where the meaning is what ever the audience takes away. So believing the story is over but Walter isn’t dead is a perfectly reasonable way to view events.


I say I’m not going to try to figure out season 2 of Westworld, but I can’t help but think of several theories. They are seriously fucking with us and I love it.


Netflix’s Lost in Space became a slog. I binge watched the whole repetitive season while up late being ill with stomach flu. It was distracting and glossy enough to help me through the night, but predictable and redundant enough that I could miss a few scenes while being ill and not miss anything at all.

Oh, and the show attempts some decent reality based science fiction in some moments and then throws it out the window the next moment. They should have chosen to either throw out the rule book or stick to plausibility, I say.


My girlfriend watches that show but also hates it due to that. I then ask her why she still watches it if she doesn’t like it overall and she tells me that she wants more sci-fi shows like the expanse and is supporting it to make more into the medium.


This week’s episode of Legion has a KILLER soundtrack with an excellent in-house cover of White Room.


So, Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse is fun. Its a shotgun blast of endless gags and vapid comedy.
I am getting genuine laughs from this show and am genuinely enjoying it. It is definitely worth watching at least one episode.


Expanse keeps on, well, expanding. Still my #1 for sci-fi shows ever, not even a contest.

Also Silicon Valley is still funny, always amusing for me being outside the tech world but familiar enough. Will say this season has not been quite as good as previous ones, so far. Though the use of a Napalm Death song in one of the recent episodes had me dying.