What TV Shows Are You Watching?


Oh, you’re right! I thought that last episode aired was the season finale.

And yeah, it’s like that. I went in, thinking it was something to watch on the side while I was working, and the first few episodes I was going “Yeah, this is okay”, not thinking much about it - then before I noticed, it had the hooks in deep. It gets you real sneaky.


I had heard it gets better in season 2, so was fine with the quality level of season 1.

But now I found out the only teason it was suddenly available on Netflix was because I was in South America when I found it and downloaded it to my phone. Now I’m home in Germany it’s not available anymore, and Juliane couldn’t check out an episode when she tried to last night either.

How annoying.


Grace & Frankie is losing a bit of steam this season, but it is still worth the watch.


Alan Ball’s new series looks promising.


Anyone watching season 2 of High Maintenance from HBO? Season premiere was legit. I want to talk about this show with people.


Been very impressed with TV coming out lately. Binged Altered Carbon. The Good Place continues being excellent.


Have you seen Counterpart yet? If so, what do you think?

I’m waiting for a couple more episodes to come out before I watch it, but all the reviews I’ve read so far have been positive.


Altered Carbon looks neat. For anyone looking for a decent Always Sunny analog AP Bio has Glenn Howerton as basically Dennis and Patton Oswalt as sort of a bumbling principal.


I have been watching Letterkenny. It’s excellent.


I just began watching Travel Man hosted by Richard Ayoade (one of my favorite TV personalities). It is flippin’ adorable and unfailingly funny.


Watched the first few episodes of Altered Carbon with my girlfriend and now I really want to watch more, but I have to wait until next weekend unless I want to lie or get a really fancy gift for Valentines/CNY

That said it has been a really good show so far despite a few nitpicks.


I just watched a clip of this on youtube. I love it. :slight_smile:


Oh yeah completely forgot to mention it. Definitely enjoying it as well.
Currently airing:
The Good Place – if you aren’t watching this, you should
Counterpart – so far so good
The Path – pretty interesting story line
Discovery – plot is moving quickly, enjoying but hope it doesn’t burn out
Hard Sun – pre-apocalyptic cop show, a bit glacial & tedious but still interesting
The Magicians – doing better than I expected, and definitely still good


BBC game shows are sustaining me through late night breastfeeding and baby soothing. They are interesting enough to make the time pass, but not so engaging that it keeps me up watching when I am finished.


Yea it’s amazing that Netflix could drop the ball with promoting this show, it had a great first eps. (all I’ve seen so far) but definitely going to be my new treadmill show for the next 9 eps.


I’m currently reading Altered Carbon (the novel) to talk about it on a podcast this weekend, though I’ve read it two or three times before. Then next week on a work trip I’m going to binge the full Netflix show.


I read the novel, and the subsequent sequels, back in the early 2000s when they first came out. I’d be curious if they hold up.


Amazon is going to adapt Consider Phlebas into a TV series.

I’m kind of torn on this. On the one hand, the more scifi on television, the better. On the other hand, I’ve read two culture novels, Consider Phlebas and The Player of Games, and didn’t particularly like either one. While the Culture, as a society, is super cool and interesting, the stories that Banks chose to tell in that universe, and the characters he chose to use to tell those stories, left me cold.


Speak for yourself. I loved Player of Games. Consider Phelbas was… fine. I liked the exploration of the war. I wasn’t super keen on the adventure Bora Horza goes on.


I thought that’s exactly what I was doing?