What TV Shows Are You Watching?

It’s such a product of it’s time that it’s a bit jarring to see modern sci-fi visuals for 50s sci-fi, but it does look awesome.

I’m really curious to see if they’ll follow the same plot or subvert it because I feel like we’ve changed a lot as a society in regards to what psychohistory implies.

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I really don’t see how they could follow the plot that closely. Having recently reread the trilogy in the past couple of months, it really struck me that so much of the Foundation’s strategy is to just sit back and passively let things happen, counting on the psychology of humans, or the predictions of psychohistory to take care of things.

I guess we’ll see what happens, but the show looks gorgeous and the cast is great. I’m a huge fan of Lee Pace and Jared Harris.

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Yeah Lee Pace and Jared Harris are both big faves of mine and together in a cast this is gonna go hard.

That said Apple TV can go fuck itself. If we’re even doing Halloween this year I’m going as Snake Plissken, so I’ll have my eyepatch ready.

Is there any news on the Culture show? Amazon was working on it last I knew.

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Ugh but Apple TV? :frowning:


Yarrrrrr matey! :skull_and_crossbones: :motor_boat: :pirate_flag:


I think someone else may have already mentioned this how, but Midnight Diner is fabulous. This is a Japanese anthology show on Netflix that follows different customers at the aforementioned “Midnight Diner,” a diner that is open from midnight to 7am. Every episodes focuses on a new patron and a new dish of food. Going through this lockdown by myself, it’s nice to watch a show that can give somewhat of a sense of community or family, like the customers of the diner all have with each other.

Netflix being Netflix (and dumb), the show is actually separated into two different shows. The first 3 seasons are under Midnight Diner, while the last 2 seasons are actually under a “different” show name called Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories. Why all 5 seasons aren’t just under the same name is beyond me.

If you want a chill relaxing show, check this out.

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I finished Gravity Falls maybe a week ago and it’s been all I can think about. I don’t think anything I’ve seen has captured the feeling of being young and it being summer quite as well as this show. Including the fact that all summers end.


I’ve never seen Gravity Falls, but I’ve heard only great things. That feeling of being young and it being summer is magical.

The only thing that’s really made me feel that way is The Sandlot movie, even though I never really played much baseball as a kid.


Gravity Falls is a solid show.

It does everything you described IRT that feeling of summer, but also has a real terrible secret of space.

Semi-related. the SIAMÉS Summer Nights music video also captures that feeling in a big way for me.


(my thread, spoilers) https://twitter.com/vaguelyweird/status/1280795503068737536?s=20

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If you’ve never watched “The Tribe” before, it’s on Prime!

A pandemic has happened, kids rule the world…

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I guess I’m gonna have to get Showtime for a bit…


Home Game is a Netflix documentary series about local sports. It starts great, but by the end of the series there are a few very skippable episodes.

Very Good:
Calcio Storico
Roller Derby
Kok Boru

Highland Games

Catch Fétiche
Makepung Lampit


Oooh, this is up my alley.

Oh My General!!! :heart:

Watched Get Even, mainly because my cousin is in it playing Mika, a significant supporting character. It’s about four girls in school that are brought together to fight injustice in their school.

The show is not what I thought, I was expecting a light, low stakes episodic show but it’s more like a high stakes thriller that’s set in this weird high school for rich kids.

It’s on Netflix world wide and BBC iPlayer in the UK.

I watched Next in Fashion and am currently watching Making the Cut… I wish the contestants from Fashion were in Cut because good grief. Despite having seamstresses, less unrealistic deadlines, a higher budget, high caliber judges, and a huge prize pool, the Cut contestants’ work just looks crap. There aren’t very many looks to pick a winner from. Meanwhile, despite the contestants having to do the entirety of their own construction, most episodes of Fashion had several strong candidates (even though I felt like racism was an issue: for the non-white designers a look could be “something I’ve seen before” but the white British designers the look was “classic”).

Oh man. I just finished Ares. At first, it seems like the classic outsider enters secret society storyline, but weird, graphic, and dark. But if you see the world a certain way, the symbols will seem more than merely surreal, until the final episode, where the meaning is shouted into the back row. A great break from white ahistorical & racist fantasy, with classic horror styling.

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The Animaniacs reboot is premiering on Hulu on November 20.

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