What movie have you seen recently?


On my current satellite internet package I can’t watch youtube or other video streams, so I’ll take your word for it!


I’ll tell you how they both go. There’s a timpani that goes ding ding ding ding dundun. That’s most of the song. It’s the same in both.


OK but Decisive Battle from Eva is got all the orchestral elements and melodies which are what I remember as much as the pounding repetitive rhythm. The Godzilla song is the same rhythm but all it gets are some like, what, bongos?

Either way, definitely related songs. It’s like a hearing a theme from a movie and then in the sequel they inject a new variation on that same theme. The only difference here being they aren’t true sequels.

Also, wouldn’t there in fact be different versions of Decisive Battle depending on which of the many versions or re-tellings of Eva you are watching? I only ever did watch the original series.


There are multiple versions of the song on the Godzilla OST and multiple versions on the Evangelion OST. Personally I do like the Evangelion one with the strong horn section the best, but the Godzilla one with the heavy metal guitar track is a close second.


Saw Wet Hot American Summer over the weekend on Netflix. As a kid growing up in the 1980s and 1990s going to summer camp in the Adirondacks, this movie was a nostalgia ride back to my younger days.

I KNEW that kid that refused to take a shower the entire summer and the counselors had to physically force him to wash himself. I REMEMBER the strange Vietnam veteran who worked in the mess hall, saying crazy stuff while he served food. While I was too young to really know what was going on behind the scenes with the counselors, I remember the drama and soap opera BS of them hooking up and breaking up, dating and cheating on each other. I can’t believe my parents trusted a bunch of strange 19 year olds to watch over me for 8 weeks.


I remembered wanting to watch Windtalkers as a kid but never got around to it. It’s a very strange film because they were clearly trying to emulate Saving Private Ryan but its directed by John Woo who brings his signature campy Hong Kong action style. It’s also fundamentally not an action story because the subject of Navajo Codetalkers should be a spy intelligence thriller, not a grand set piece blockbuster. We don’t even see how the code gets developed or pitched to the US intelligence services.

Instead its Nic Cage being bored for most of the movie and Adam Beach (the Native American lead) being unable to act out of a paper bag. Adam Beach maybe the worst actor I’ve ever seen in a blockbuster, He’s either smiling for no reason or scowling in an attempt to show human emotion.


I am curious to a write up as to what makes you call not only shit but also boring and bad technically. Only saw a couple of nitpicks in terms of day/night timing.

First half was shaky, second half is absolutely sublime and makes the whole thing worth it. It’s on the bottom half of my Top 10 Films for 2016. The movie plays out as a classic throwback Hollywood musical about bickering, talented youth then metamorphism into a real movie about sacrificing dreams for stability.


I watched High and Low last night. I enjoyed it but it felt… long. I checked. It is long. It’s just 7 minutes short of being two and a half hours.

That is my only criticism.

It’s a masterpiece. It’s Akira Kurosawa. That is all that need be said.


We walked out before the second half began, so anything good about that end of the movie I’ll just have to take your word on.


My parents saw it and hated La La Land. My mother and I both studied theater and have worked professionally in musical theater, so we were “jazzed” about a new movie musical with great reviews. According to my Mom, it had an uninspired plot, weak music, lazy dance numbers, and amounted to Hollywood sending itself a Hallmark card. I’ll just rewatch Sweet Charity instead. :wink:



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Grave of the fireflies continues to be one of the saddest films ever made. Especially hard to watch considering…


If I had to pick just one word to describe La-La Land, it would definitely be “Masturbatory.” If I got two, the other would be “Astoundingly.”


More like “White man is Jazz Purest Fanboy” who then realizes he can’t save Jazz by being a douchebag. John Legend comes into the move and talks sense into him for his major arc; I’m really not sure why some articles say that this movie is a white power fantasy. It’s only frustrating in terms of how nostalgic it is at first and how Emma Stone absolutely outshines Ryan Gosling. The dance shown in the poster is surprisingly the weakest scene in the movie.

Damien Chazelle definitely has hang-ups about Jazz looking at this movie and Whiplash. I just think this movie is gonna get a lot of hell because of Oscar/critically acclaim blowback that happens every year with movies like The Artist, Argo, and Birdman.


Walking into this thread its like seeing just a pile of mush where Ryan Gosling used to be and just Luke and the rest of you worn out and tired and holding nasty spikey bats and just, man-alive that is a big fuckin’ pile 'o blood there. Someone might even be just half-heartedly tapping their iron pipe on the ground letting out a wet-sloppy splat. It’s just gruesome.

I’m not even complaining or disagreeing, just surprised the level of un-good people feel on it.


From what I’ve read, it seems like it has some racial/diversity issues. The most glaring would be the largely white casting. The second would be that the white man is the champion of jazz/jazz purist.

This is a rather compelling read:


If you want to hear something nice about it - Much like another Ryan Gosling movie, Drive, in a purely technical sense, it’s an incredibly well shot and well scored movie. It’s just the movie that lets down all that technical brilliance.


First half of Drive: thinking it would be the best movie of the year and maybe in the top 5 movies I’ve seen ever.

Second half of Drive: fuck this movie.

First half of La La Land: fuck this movie.

Second half of La La Land: didn’t see it.


I found the article was heavily focused on simply the nostalgia of the movie without really looking into the plot or character motivation. I would agree the movie would be a “Great White Hope” narrative if the plot was about saving jazz, but it isn’t. The story makes it crystal clear that although love Sebasian and Mia have for these old art forms is admirable; it is not sustainable without some sort of compromise. John Legend’s character is never a villain or an adversary he ends up being completely right about how to succeed in an age where Jazz is forgotten because people are dying out.

La La Land is about the love story with these two people and how their lives are affected by the way they view their passions over their trust for one another. As I reiterate, the second half of the film is critically to breaking the traditions of the movie being another Golden Age Hollywood homage. Not to mention the article neglects the diversity shown during the dances, backgrounds, and settings of the film and an interracial marriage that is a thread throughout the movie.

I offer this video by Satchel Drake as a counter-arguement.


Who has seen Hidden Figures? What about Fences?