What movie have you seen recently?


Catwalk: Tales from the Catshow Circuit


Catwalk is a comedy documentary following a couple of cats around cat shows in Canada. There are 4 to 6 judges per show, and a season-long points race to be crowned the top “altered” cat in the country. Oh, the drama.

Of course, it’s mostly about the owners of the cats. Their personalities really shine through, and the movie shows their lives beyond their obsession with cats and cat beauty contests.

I heard about it when if first came out on Netflix, but only got to it after another wave of recommendations on facebook and twitter. I’m glad I got to it! Highly recommended, even if you don’t think you need a documentary about cat shows in your life.


Isn’t It Romantic 2019

Netflix thought I’d like to watch this movie. And because I’m ill and just want something stupid to cheer me up, I thought I’d give it a go.

It wasn’t very good, but at least it steered mostly clear of terrible. And I laughed plenty enough, so it did its job. One too many dance routines.


Monsters, Inc.


After the disappointment of not finishing Incredibles 2 due to wanting a kids movie and getting an old person movie about families and technology, it’s really refreshing to see old style Pixar when it was about silly slapstick, funny looking monsters, and a very cute toddler being very cute. More of this please?


Captain Marve

A solid entry into the MCU. Not as funny as a lot of the recent movies, but super competently made. And that’s really what I want from the movie that sets up the final instalment in a 20+ movie arc leading to whatever the last Avengers movie is called.

It’s a massive step up from Black Panther, which for me was let down by inconsistent plotting and story, and the worst special effects of any MCU movie I can remember.

It reminded me that my least favourite moment in any MCU movie is when they decide we want aerial dogfighting in planes or spaceships. Turns out… nope! It’s always the same kind of thing. Inexplicably good pilots being chased by bad guys, lots of shots fired, lots of close misses and swooping under things. It’s the weakest part of Guardians of the Galaxy and Black Panther had to shoehorn in the fact that Bilbo Baggins was once a pilot, just so they could do some silly plane action at the end.

But in this movie, it made sense right from the start! The person doing the flying is a pilot! The pilot training was a huge deal, and the fact she couldn’t fly combat missions. And then she flew around places she had previously flown, in an almost one-to-one homage of Independence Day. And so I’m cool with it! The dog fight MEANT something.

Anyway, it’s fun to see a movie which knows that it means something, and give those things the care it needs to make them work on screen.

A few scenes didn’t work, and some of the more humorous moments didn’t land, but I’m fine with that when the rest of the movie is so well done.


I found Captain Marvel to be pretty underwhelming. Acting across the board was great with some pretty awesome character moments/interactions. There’s some neat changes to the continuity. Other than that, the action (when it wasn’t a dogfight) was some of the worst in the entire MCU. Everything was staged so dimly and in shadow that you couldn’t see what was going on. Even the opening 15 minutes where the fight on a planet is so covered by fog then flashing beam lights that it’s painful to the eyes.

You really need a deft hand to load all your character development and storybeats on a series of flashbacks and amnesia plot. This intentional broken plot robs Carol from some of her own development and emotion just so they can deliver a revelation that the audience already knows. I actually forgot the name of the villain despite his constant presence. The movie was at it’s best when it was intimate and quiet. All the scenes at the Louisiana House were great.

I would say most of the indie directors who were hired to their first blockbuster in the MCU did a really good job bringing their own vision and working with the new budget. Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck made everything look so drab and hollow. I don’t think they were really taking any risks to make this a standout in our current crop of great superhero films other than using a cat and 90s nostalgia.

I’m thinking Captain Marvel/Brie Larson will work better in her upcoming movies. I’m looking forward to her in Endgame but this is not a movie I’ll be rewatching anytime soon.


Having recently read several Volumes of Captain Marvel and older Ms. Marvel trades. Amnesia is a thing that has happened to her at least twice. Once when she had her fight with Rogue and once after she took up the Captain Marvel mantle and fought Yon-Rogg. So it makes sense that the MCU pulls on that heavily.


I don’t think it’s for anyone here, but The Further Adventures of Walt’s Frozen Head is a fantastic little love letter to the Disney parks. The pitch is that Walt Disney’s head was frozen in 1966, and is brought out to see the park once a year for three days. The depiction of Walt can get a bit rosy, and Roy is never mentioned, but they do get some good jabs in about unions and lemmings. You can watch it on YouTube now!


The Best of Enemies is about the people / events around school integration in Durham NC (where I live). I thought it was pretty good overall and various people that were actually around at the time have said that it was fairly accurate.

It’s not surprising that they mostly focus on the white guy because Hollywood, but he’s also the person with a clear narrative arc that doesn’t require the writers to make stuff up. The one historical note that I feel like is missing is the city had just built a highway through the middle of a black neighborhood and maybe that should be brought up in a story about racial tensions.