What movie have you seen recently?


The Belko Experiment

It is a horror movie and specifically it is in the Death Game sub-genre of horror (one of my favourite bad horror genres to consume.) It is likely the second best of them I have seen in the film medium only coming behind As the Gods Will for the simple reason that it was not Takeshi Miike directing a CGI killer Daruma. Had some good gore and make up effects - mostly practical as far as I could tell - like all good death game movie it leaves itself open for a sequel which should never come.


As the Gods Will, is an adaption of a manga. Haven’t seen the movie but the trailer looks pretty faithful. There’s a sequel to the manga as well. Death Games are a guilty pleasure of mine too. Try Alice on the Borderland, another manga that is slightly better than As the Gods Will.


I am reading Alice in Borderland and enjoying it a lot and noticed the translation I am reading that they also translate “Suicide Island” That is a great “not a death game” manga even if it is set up like a Battle Royale type situation it is more “depressed people try to form a society together” type affair.


The East Coast Giant Bomb chaps have been doing a Film and 40s series where they watch all of the Fast/Furious films while getting moderately toasted on malt liquor. I’d only ever seen the first one, and playing their audio tracks alongside the movies seemed like a passable way to jump in.

I got up to #6 last night. 5 and 6 have both been pretty special with the entertaining stupidity stepping up as they go (5 was probably a better film, but 6 was much dumber in a way that made me smile). Kind of looking forward to seeing how daft 7 gets now, Statham showing up in the stinger of 6 and retconning/expanding on events at the end of Tokyo Drift promises great/terrible things.


mulholland drive

Second time seeing the film in the cinema this is a 4k re-release so I am not sure if it was the bigger screen or the restoration but I noticed a lot of details in people’s make up this time around. (bruising in finger print shapes on the prostitute’s Arm for an example) not much to say about the whole story or symbolism side but I am glad I managed to seperate it from inland empire in my mind.


Last night I saw Kedi, a documentary about the cats of Istanbul. Beautifully shot, and really good, I just wish it had followed some of the individual cats a bit more. Now I really want to get some cats for my new place, and check out Istanbul at some point.


Went to a showing of Near Dark, which I’d never seen but knew involved vampires and Lance Henriksen (Bishop). Turns out, it also stars Bill Paxton (Hudson) and Jenette Goldstein (Vasquez). For an 80s vampire horror movie, it was pretty great! The practical effects were quite well done. I could see how it inspired of Vampire: the Masquerade although VtM wouldn’t have had such a happy ending.

Also this weekend, a local film festival had a showing of The LIttle Hours, a 14th century piece about a convent of asshole nuns featuring Aubrey Plaza, Alison Brie, Kate Micucci, and John C. Reilly. Coincidentally enough, it also includes a quick scene with Aliens veteran Paul Reiser (Burke).

The first 20 seconds of the trailer will tell you if this movie is for you.


Guardians 2. Most of my thoughts can be summed up with this.


Have you read The Decameron? The Little Hours is based on one of the stories in it. Though this modernizes the story to maintain the shock value of the specific story (the first story of the third day), it appears to maintain the right spirit to present the outrageous behavior and language. I am looking forward to seeing it.


This, while very accurate, doesn’t detract from the movie feeling like a really fun comic book, done correctly for the big screen. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, and in the end I had a good time because I didn’t take it too seriously either.


I hadn’t even heard of The Decameron before watching the trailer, but I did seek out that particular day’s story after watching the movie.

There was a skype Q&A with writer/director Jeff Baena after the showing. He has a film degree with a minor in Medieval History, and besides The Decameron there was a scene where he borrowed from Arabian Nights.

Tiny Spoiler

A turtle with a candle on its back. Apparently in the story (and real life?) at night it could so confound people that thieves would use it as a distraction to rob houses.


M. Night’s Split is a fantastic thriller! If you are a fan of his previous works, you’ll definitely enjoy it!


Guardians 2 - Really funny, fun action sequences, I overall enjoyed it as much as the first one and would gladly watch again.

Death Bed: The Bed That Eats - Didn’t know anything about this, was over with friends and they wanted to put it on. I guess Patton Oswalt talked about it in some standup. Anyway, this movie is really, really bad. And sadly not bad in a fun way, it’s just a slog. Thankfully it was short.

Mommy Dead and Dearest - Also didn’t know anything about this, but it ended up being a pretty engaging documentary. It was interesting enough to keep my wife and I up well past our normal bedtime. I haven’t watched or listened to any of the recent documentaries involving crimes, so I can’t compare it, but it was worth watching once.


Colossal - Fantastic genre-twisting movie by Nacho Vigalando featuring Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis. Starts as this really neat kaiju movie and then turns into this really telling character story about manipulative relationships and substance abuse. Both actors are at the top of their game here, which really surprised me about Sudeikis because he always feels like he plays the same type of character in every role. Don’t go into this movie for the monster elements, see it more as representation for the themes.

Also, holy crap this movie is so fucking relevant right now as commentary on MRA, Gamergate type shit. If you need a movie to point out “That Guys” to people, this is the movie.


I hear the twist is he figured out how to ruin other movies now!


MCU complete watch-through continues!

Captain America: Civil War

We watched this a few weeks ago, once we had caught up to the right place in Agents of Shield season 3. To be honest there wasn’t a lot of crossover, except for Shield to clear up any remaining Hydra remnants before the movie so the Avengers didn’t have to worry about them, and then do a bit of Sokovia Accords fallout after.

I saw Civil War in the cinema, but it was fun to catch up with it again. Mostly because in the cinema I REALLY needed a piss at one point, and left for a few minutes. I missed the setup to the Ant Man introduction and a bit more, so was confused as to who he was (having not seen Ant Man at that point), which airport they were smashing up (Leipzig, which was cleared up later in the movie) and why Captain America was kissing the CIA agent (on the second watch I remembered she was the undercover agent who lived across the hall from him).

It’s a movie you really have to just turn your brain off to enjoy fully, but the action is all top notch, the special effects believable (except for the final shot in Zamunda), and the pacing mostly works.

Main bad guy:
This movie was more about watching the main guys fight (I’m Team Cap!) so the main bad guy was just some guy who made them do that. I love the fact that he was an agent who used fun spy craft to be a bad guy, and didn’t just use the magical “computer/hacking expert who can move the plot forward any way they want” trick.

Comments from Juliane:
“That’s Berlin, not Budapest!”
“That’s not what the Reichstag looks like!” - note: Juliane’s father works in the building Captain America did his helicopter grabbing scene.

Stan Lee cameo:
Delivering a package to Tony Stank.

Lots of fun, but not as good as Captain America: The Winter Soldier as a movie. In fact, due to the massive numbers of super people in it, it felt a lot more like an Avengers movie. But way better than Age of Ultron, mainly because it could mostly ignore lots of the characters except during the set up and execution of the central battle. Do we really need to spend a lot of time with Hawkeye? Nope! Just bring him in to shoot some shit with arrows, then move on!

Next up in the MCU order: Doctor Strange, but we watched that recently enough that we don’t need to see it in the correct MCU timeline spot during Agents of Shield season 4.

Next up in our viewing order: Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 (spoilers: already watched it).


Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2

I saw a bit of the trailer for this, and hoped seeing a big fight with a massive monster on a platform wasn’t going to spoil anything. Turns out I shouldn’t have worried, because that was just a setup to one of the funniest opening credit sequences I’ve ever seen. Oh my god I was laughing so much by five minutes into this movie, I thought I wasn’t going to make it.

It was way better and way funnier than a sequel has any right being, and exceed my expectations. I don’t think it’s a better movie than Volume 1, as there are issues with pacing and storytelling, and character motivations that weren’t so apparent in the first one, but it was equally funny and entertaining, and that’s pretty much all I want from Groot and the gang.

My major complaint was the use of music. The Awesome Mix in the first movie was a great gag, and a great storytelling device, and it always felt natural. In Volume 2 it’s something that’s given too much weight, even to the point of it giving the movie its name. I could get past a few heavy handed uses of music, but it got a bit clunky. At one point a track came on again, and I turned to Juliane and said “This is going to be the turning point of the movie” and, sure enough, it was.

And then, at one point, Quill is off on another planet, but the director still wanted to play some cool music. I think it would have been fine to just have some cool music playing, but Rocket had to say a line like “Hey, do we have anything from Quill’s mix tape?” and then they play it… for no reason? It feels like there’s a disconnect from the first movie, where this is Quill’s favourite music, and everyone else thinks he’s a dumb dork for liking it and dancing to it, and Volume 2, where everyone thinks it’s cool.

Secondly, I found the tone of the movie switched about a bit. I personally liked it, but it was jarring how much they pushed the “death is cool” thing from the first movie. In that movie there was the whistle arrows killing lots of people instantly, and Groot smashing lots of baddies against walls. But they were diffused by the baddies being non-human (and Groot smiling) and the whistle arrow killing so fast it was funny.

In Volume 2 there is a scene which lots of people die. It count have been accomplished by a space ship blowing up, and pretty much every other movie would have taken this step. But in Volume 2 we see every single death, both the person killing and the person dying, mostly in slow motion. For me it went right up to the line of “Hey, this is not cool” but somehow didn’t cross it. While I don’t think I’d show it to a 10 year old kid, I appreciated the confidence of the director to show this on screen.

Main bad guy:
Not a surprise to anyone.

Comments from Juliane:
“I want a Baby Groot”
“Again, can Rocket Racoon be in every movie?”

Stan Lee cameo:
As far as I could tell, he’s recounting his stories from all his other appearances in the MCU movies to aliens. Does that mean he’s an inter-dimensional being who is in the MCU, learning the stories of heros and villains, ready to come back to our universe to share the stories with us via comics? I haven’t read the speculation, but that interpretation works for me.

Funny! And not just funny lines. Actual funny movie making. It made me think of this youtube video, and made me wonder if, after Ant Man, the producers got Edgar Wright to do a pass on the script or storyboard to make sure there was funny visual comedy going on, and not just get Joss Whedon to look at the dialogue to make sure it had enough quippy lines.

I mean, shit, Groot and the bomb at the end was some of the best material I’ve ever seen in a climactic battle, both in terms of comedy AND raising the tension.

Next up… Oh shit we’re all caught on on MCU movies!!!


Kudos on finally finishing the MCU rewatch! I’ve always really enjoyed these posts when you make them and I’m looking forward to more of your reviews as future MCU movies come out.


We have not finished yet. Only the movies.

Last week we wrapped up Agents of Shield season 3, which was mostly enjoyable.

Then we watched the first episode of Iron Fist. It was pretty rough. And looked really cheap. So cheap that we spotted one of the establishing shots of New York from the Apple TV screen saver, just played in reverse.

Once that is done we’ll catch up on Agents of Shield season 4, then go back and check out Agent Carter.

THEN we will be finished. But by then there will be new stuff out too.


Iron Fist is…Bad. I look forward to you tearing it apart…if you can sit through it.