Weird Internet

Occasionally I see things like 17776, or Frog Fractions, or WNDRWLL, that I don’t have a great way to categorize. Calling it indie web doesn’t feel quite like it fits. Mostly they’re like the internet fed back on itself until you get some… Weird Internet.

Kicks Condor, already weird, recently unveiled a… site redesign? Click around, it’s a strange ride.

loud sound warning

We have high standards of weird here. If it’s not at bare minimum on the the far side of YTMND, don’t even bother posting it.

Here’s a simple weird.

WARNING: Flashing lights and loud noises, but cool music. Reminds me of Wired Sounds.

Lets all love Lain. OuO

Oh shit son!

I’ve heard about Football 20021 a few times now. It’s good that they are working on a YouTube version.